Azent’s Guidance With Transparency

PRIYANKA NISHAR, Founder and Managing Director of Azent Overseas Education explains in this Q&A the AI driven Azent App for students, aspiring to study abroad.

Azent Overseas Education is an Online offline EdTech Company which revolutionizes the overseas education advisory space with its deep focus on technology and leveraging its strong understanding of the segment and unparallel execution expertise. Right from the selection of courses to finding the right university, making the students aware of the application deadline and even offering scholarships, Azent focuses on diverse offerings, providing students the best possible admissions guidance, to set them up for future success. Azent’s partnerships cover 1500+ Universities across the world to improve student recruitment and match them with the top talent that would thrive in their programmes.

What is the Azent App?

Using AI (Artificial Intelligence) at its core, the Azent App aims to disrupt the study abroad space by bringing overseas education to the fingertips of the students. It is a one-stop-product that simplifies the overall journey and helps students fulfil their dreams of studying abroad.

What does the App have to offer?

Extensive research during the ideation of the Azent App revealed that the lack of a systematic process in building student profiles, absence of transparency on university recommendations and lack of communication on the application progress and tracking were major hinderances in a student’s journey of studying abroad. Leveraging the power AI on the Azent App, a student can now easily build their profile, narrow down universities, get recommendations based on their profile, complete and track the applications and do much more. The App combines cutting-edge technology with industry expertise to bring a truly personalized and transparent experience for students aspiring to study abroad.

How is the App unique and what was the response like?

The Azent App is an extremely data driven app, our recommendations fetch the best universities for your profile from over 1.5L university programs. Students can get their initial shortlist validated by industry experts in less than an hour, they can track everything from profile building to visa process on the platform and can submit their applications in 40% less time. Since the launch of the app, we have seen an overwhelming response from not just students but also our counsellors

How would a student access the Azent App and work with it?

The students can either log on to  or download the ‘Azent App from the Apple App store or Google Play store. Once they download the app there is a one-time onboarding to understand the student’s profile post which they can:

•            Build their comprehensive Profile

•            Find curated list of resources

•            Talk to expert counsellors or directly join virtual counselling sessions

•            Find and shortlist programs using Azent’s course finder and AI-based recommendations

•            Apply and track applications

•            Browse and attend events like webinars, fairs, university visits and more

How does it help the counsellors?

The Azent App helps to streamline the process for the counsellors as well, since now information on student profile to application is all recorded systematically in one place. Counsellors too have access to the course finder and recommendations, making their time to shortlist courses for the student 80% less thus giving them more time to coach students and help them with other requirements.

How does the Azent app augment the offerings of the Company?

The newly launched Azent App allows us to be completely transparent with the students, rendering credibility to the Azent brand and our offerings. We give students complete ownership of their journey along with the guidance of our expert counsellors. With this App, we are no longer limited to certain geographies, as students can now avail our services from anywhere in the world. We are already seeing a higher demand from tier 2 and 3 cities.

What are your plans for Azent App 2.0?

Going forward, the Azent app intends to incorporate tools to help students with destination and programme selection based on their profile & preferences, curate resources for students based on their stage and profile, include in-build test prep platform to track the student’s progress, build student communities to help users get answers to all their questions and integrate Visa processing product for students to have a seamless experience.