IIT-D, TimesPro Immersion Session

The batch with a strength of 58 learners learnt the skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving world of AI and machine learning.

NEW DELHI, Oct 17 (The CONNECT) – The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and TimesPro’s Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for Industry programme celebrated a significant milestone with the conclusion of its inaugural batch and successful completion of its immersion session recently.

The batch with a strength of 58 learners learnt the skills needed to excel in the rapidly evolving world of AI and machine learning.

The AI and Machine Learning programme is an exclusive offering from the Department of Yardi School of AI, IIT Delhi and is contextually designed to bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application in the industry. With the aim of fostering innovation, enhancing employability, and nurturing future leaders in the field of AI and machine learning, the programme has already demonstrated its immense potential.

The  session showcased the programme’s commitment to delivering tangible learning outcomes and benefits to its participants. It provided learners with a unique platform to connect with peers, industry professionals, and mentors. The completion of the immersion session marks a significant step for participants as they transition with new-age skills into the industry.

During the six-month programme, learners were exposed to a wide range of topics and hands-on experiences where they gained skills in mathematical foundations of machine learning, design and implement AI solutions, analyse data, and leverage machine learning algorithms to effectively mitigate real-world industry challenges. Learners had the chance to work on real AI and machine learning projects, gaining practical experience that is highly sought after by employers. These projects showcased their ability to apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios.

Since its inception, over 48,000 have graduated from IIT Delhi in various disciplines including Engineering, Physical Sciences, Management and Humanities & Social Sciences. Of these, nearly 5070 received Ph.D. degrees. The number of students who graduated with B.Tech. degree is over 15738. The rest obtained master’s degree in engineering, Sciences and Business Administration. These alumni today work as scientists, technologists, business managers and entrepreneurs. There are several alumni who have moved away from their original disciplines and have taken to administrative services, active politics or are with NGOs. In doing so, they have contributed significantly to building of this nation, and to industrialisation around the world. IIT Delhi has been ranked consistently in top 5 management institutes and rank 1 institute in Research and Professional Practice as per NIRF 2022 and NIRF 2021 Management Category rankings.