FTCCI, GMR join hands to train in etiquette, hygiene, first aid, CPR and the English language.
HYDERABAD, Mar 19 (The CONNECT) – About 200 taxi drivers have been trained as brand ambassadors of tourism underlining the Indian ethos – “Athithi Devobhava” – at the GMR Hyderabad airport.
The FTCCI’s Tourism committee recently imparted training in etiquette, hygiene, first aid, CPR and the English language.
Suresh Kumar Singhal, senior vice president, highlighted the role and importance of drivers in the community more so in the tourism sector. You are real ambassadors to attract tourists he said.
D. Ramchandram, Co-Chair of the Tourism Committee said countries like Singapore, many developed countries, and states like Kerala treat cab and auto drivers as Tourism Ambassadors.
Many corporate executives after their retirement in Singapore get into driving cabs. In Japan, they throw a party only twice in life. Once when they are married and a second time when they get their driving license. Such is the importance given to driving. In developed countries, only millionaires have chauffeur-driven cars, he said
Meenakshi Dabas Training Specialist at International Institute of Hotel Management, trained in Etiquette and personal grooming, while Srinivas Reddy, manager -Ground Transportation and Estate Management of at GMR, spoke about the real meaning of Athithi Devobhava, (Customer is God).
The cab drivers taught greetings such as Good Morning, Welcome, Thank You, Please, May I Help You etc.
The FTCCI Tourism Committee is also bringing out an audiobook that teaches cab and auto drivers a few basic sentences in Hindi, English and Telugu so that they can have seamless communication with the passengers.
The Emergency Specialists from Apollo Hospitals taught CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation), an emergency procedure, to ensure proper blood flow to the brain and other parts.
In the end, each of the participants was given First Aid Kits by Apollo Hospitals and good memorabilia for them to carry back home.