HYDERABAD, Jan 19 (The CONNECT) – Mitt Arv, a Singapore-based legacy tech platform, announced the appointment of Avijit Das Patnaik as its Chief Executive Coach. Bringing over two decades of industry expertise and a distinguished professional background spanning Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia and India, Patnaik is poised to play a crucial role in advancing Mitt Arv’s innovative legacy tech solutions.

In his role as Chief Executive Coach, Patnaik will spearhead the formulation of the company’s leadership strategy, drive growth initiatives, and cultivate a culture of transformative innovation.

Patnaik stated, “Mitt Arv’s commitment to innovation and its unique approach to legacy tech solutions set it apart. What drew me to this company is its unwavering dedication to pioneering solutions that redefine how we approach legacies. Additionally, I also run a government-sponsored Financial Literacy programmne, which drew me closer to the vision of Mitt Arv, i.e., to ensure that no one is left in financial or emotional chaos upon the passing of a loved one.”

Vishal Mehta, Founder at Mitt Arv, expressed confidence in Patnaik’s leadership, stating, his wealth of leadership experience, coupled with his dedication to financial literacy and notable contributions to projects such as the 4IR BIM Metaverse tech Ztudium, perfectly aligns with the company’s objectives, steering us towards reshaping legacy technology solutions.

Mitt Arv said it empowers users to store their emotional and financial legacies, revolutionizing legacy planning in India with its Emotional Will and Asset Vault products. Throughout the fiscal year, Mitt Arv has experienced rapid organizational growth, witnessing a remarkable 1.5x quarter-over-quarter increase in its workforce. Aligning with RBI’s UDGAM initiative for unclaimed bank deposits, Mitt Arv is poised to revolutionize legacy planning in India.