AYODHYA, Jan 15 (The CONNECT) – Renowned hotel brands are establishing their projects in Ayodhya and approximately 50 major hotel construction projects are currently underway in the city.

With several small hotels, resorts and homestays also investing in the region, Ayodhya is emerging as a new hotspot in the hotel industry.

In addition, good highways and roads, wall paintings depicting the life of Lord Ram, facade lighting, and a grand entrance adorned with Victorian lamps add to the attraction of Ayodhya.

According to the Divisional Commissioner of Ayodhya Gaurav Dayal, during the UPGIS, approximately 102 intent agreements worth around 18,000 crores were signed for tourism in Ayodhya. Even after the GIS, many entrepreneurs have presented their proposals to the government and district administration for investment in the tourism sector in Ayodhya.

Currently, there are 126 projects related to tourism in Ayodhya, ready to be implemented through the GBC. Out of these 126 projects, 46 have received MOUs, while 80 projects are non-MOU related. The total cost of all these 126 projects prepared for GBC is around Rs 4,000 crores. The combined cost of MOU and non-MOU projects is approximately Rs 2,000 crores each.

Dayal disclosed that currently, around 50 renowned hotels have invested in Ayodhya for large-scale projects, and the construction of their buildings is underway. These hotels, including Taj, Marriott, Ginger, Oberoi, Trident, and Radisson, will soon be completed and become operational.

Additionally, there are plans to develop the ‘Raja Ki Building’ as a heritage hotel, with a major hotel chain expressing interest in investing in this project. Apart from these, a significant number of both small and large hotels are expected to commence operations in and around the Ayodhya region. The hotels will ensure accommodation of a large number of devotees and tourists visiting Ayodhya.

Ayodhya is set to witness an investment of approximately Rs 420 crores through the four large projects in the hotel industry. The first on the list is Panche Dreamworld LLP, which will establish the ‘O Rama Hotels and Resorts’ project in Ayodhya, at a total cost of Rs 140 crores.

The Innovators Digital Ads Pvt. Ltd. will build the ‘Solitaire Ayodhya 5 Star’ hotel with an investment of Rs 100 crores, while Evergreen Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. will establish the ‘Shri Ramya Hotel’ with an investment of Rs 90 crores. Additionally, Samruddhi Swastik Trading and Investment Ltd. will set up the ‘Vishranti Grah’ with an investment of Rs 86 crores.

A total of 139 new projects with an investment of around Rs 2700 crores have been registered in Ayodhya, out of which 87 new projects with an investment of approximately Rs 1650 crores have been certified. Furthermore, renewal applications have been submitted for 25 projects with a total cost of Rs 920 crores, and renewal certificates have been issued for 21 projects with an investment of Rs 806 crores. In total, certificates have been issued for around 108 projects with an investment of approximately Rs 2500 crores.

e-buses flagged off: Meanwhile, Yogi Adityanath on Sunday flagged off 50 electric buses and 25 e-rickshaws and presented them as gifts to the residents of Ayodhya.

He also launched the official website of Ayodhya Police along with a Digital Tourism App.

Yogi said that January 22 is not only a day to honour India’s faith and devotion, but also a sacred day to restore the pride and honour of India. When Lord Shri Ram will be seated in his magnificent temple after 500 years, it will not only mark the establishment of Ram Rajya in Ayodhya, but also the fulfilment of the work that began in 2014 to establish it throughout the country and the state.

CM Yogi said that Ayodhya is gearing up for the convenience of the devotees, faith-based travellers, and tourists on this historic occasion.

“Presently, everyone will be amazed to see Ram Path, Bhakti Path, Dharma Path, and Janmabhoomi Path in Ayodhya. From multi-level parking to the construction of ghats from Guptar Ghat to Ram Ki Paidi and naya ghat, beautification programs for Surya Kund, Bharat Kund, everything will leave everyone spellbound. In the same series, good tourist accommodation, construction of Dharamshala, good hotels, tent cities are also taking place for devotees’ convenience during the consecration ceremony”, Yogi added.