Kids, Parents, And Staff Join Festivities, Pan-India


Instilling a strong sense of national pride and duty in our young students is our goal through these celebrations, said Ajay Gupta, the founder and CEO of Bachpan Play School

NEW DELHI, Aug 15 (The CONNECT) – Bachpan Play School, India’s largest preschool franchise, today celebrated the spirit of freedom and unity as it marked the country’s 77th Independence Day with a series of vibrant and patriotic events across all of its branches. The events served to highlight the school’s dedication to developing young minds and instilling a sense of pride in India’s rich cultural heritage.

With a legacy of providing quality early childhood education, Bachpan Play School’s Independence Day celebrations were an echoing success, capturing the essence of patriotism and unity. Together, kids, parents, and staff members celebrated the nation’s freedom struggle and remembered the sacrifices made by our freedom fighters.

Every Bachpan Play School branch raised the flag of the country and sang the national anthem to start the day. This symbolic act served as a reminder of the principles that unite the diverse country. Through dance performances, comedy skits, and musical recitals, each section highlighted India’s rich cultural heritage. The young artists portrayed India’s journey from its struggle for independence to its advancement as a modern nation. Through art and craft projects, kids showed their creativity and love for the country by producing eye-catching tricolor decorations, patriotic posters, and homemade flags. The festivities were also educational because Bachpan Play School planned engaging sessions to teach kids about the significance of Independence Day and the value of national unity, diversity, and harmony.

“Independence Day is not just a national holiday; it is an opportunity to remind ourselves of the sacrifices that were made to achieve our freedom and to work towards a better future for our children,” said Ajay Gupta, the founder and CEO of Bachpan Play School.

He said  “Instilling a strong sense of national pride and duty in our young students is our goal through these celebrations.”