East Of West, UP Is The Best – Moneybags Chorus

Top bankers lauded the Yogi Government for improving infrastructure, law and order while bringing about policy reforms

MUMBAI, Jan 6 (The CONNECT) -Top banking and finance professionals who met Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Thursday here were visibly impressed with the Yogi government’s policies and initiatives.

Lauding the Yogi Government for improving infrastructure and law and order in the state as well as bringing policy reforms, the officials described Uttar Pradesh as a state fast evolving into the ‘best state for investment’.

Here are some comments:

UP’s transformation is commendable: Uday Kotak

“We are very excited by the arrival of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Mumbai. Under his leadership, the law and order situation in Uttar Pradesh is improving, people’s trust and confidence are growing, and we as bankers and members of the financial system are very happy.”

“The way this state, with a population of 25 crore, has transformed itself is commendable. Progressive policies for economic development, more than 19 lakh MSMEs, infrastructure, sector development, and startup ecoculture have further strengthened our belief.”

Under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh is moving towards making a big contribution to the country’s growth.”


#Yoginomics trends on top

Twitter has been abuzz with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath’s mission of turning the state into the ‘growth engine’ of the country. The hashtags #Yoginomics, #YogiJi became the top trending topics on the social media platform as the CM commenced his domestic roadshows for the upcoming Global Investors Summit in Mumbai on Thursday.

In the next 22 days, Team Yogi will hold roadshows in 9 major cities of the country to attract investment worth Rs 17 lakh crores in the state. As the CM met the bankers and investors in Mumbai and encouraged them to set up industries and businesses in the state, social media users appreciated Yogi’s economic policies through the hashtag Yoginomics.

The hashtag Yoginomics reached about 362.7 million users on Twitter. More than 14,000 users expressed their views through this hashtag, expressing their faith in the Yogi government.

The users also appreciated the efforts of the state government towards developing an investment-friendly environment in the state and improving the state’s ranking in terms of ease of doing business.


Business confidence in UP has increased- SBI CMD Dinesh Kumar Khara

The improvement in law and order in Uttar Pradesh has increased the confidence of the business community and industrial houses in the state and that’s why they are keen to invest here. “In recent years, Uttar Pradesh has seen significant investment in its infrastructure. It is quite praiseworthy that important infrastructure components like electricity and roads have improved. These are very important elements to set up any industry.”

The state government is making every possible effort to increase its GSDP, including expanding agriculture, providing an environment for the growth of industries and encouraging startups. 

Govt’s initiative to take MSME programme forward is praiseworthy: SIDBI CMD Shiv Subramaniam Raman

“Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath told us that MSMEs are playing a significant role in the industrialization of the state. SIDBI is working closely with the Government of Uttar Pradesh. The headquarter of SIDBI is also in Lucknow. We have been working together for the last several years, but the initiatives taken by the government in the last few months to take forward the MSME programmes are really wonderful.”

Facilities ranging from credit guarantee schemes to loans for micro and small industries have been provided by the Yogi Government. We are associated with the state government through various programmes. We have joined hands with IIT Kanpur for the Incubation Centre. We are also going to join hands with IIT BHU. We are starting a greening programme in Moradabad, converting coal furnaces to gas furnaces for brass exporters. We are arranging a fund of Rs 1500 crore for many big projects, including installation of efficient machinery.

UP government’s prime focus is on development: Exim Bank MD Harsha Bangari:

The primary focus of today’s conference was the banking industry’s collaboration in transforming Uttar Pradesh into a $1 trillion economy. The Chief Minister has expected more cooperation from us in a big state like Uttar Pradesh under India Vision.

There has been a lot of development in the infrastructure of Uttar Pradesh. Be it critical resources, which are very important for all kinds of industrial development or agri sector development. Apart from this, we discussed many other issues, in which the development of spiritual tourism in the state was also a very important point.