To Meet Lockdown, Digital Era Challenges

BD Soft CEO Zakir Hussain says despite Covid19, the security space in India is still in its early-to-mid development stage

MUMBAI, Aug 24 (The CONNECT) – Security solutions distribution major BD Soft announced a tie-up with Data Resolve to strengthen its offerings in cyber security and enterprise intelligence.

BD Soft will provide Data Resolve access to a diverse and vibrant channel ecosystem and strong customer connections in the Enterprise, Government and SME sectors. This shall also help Data Resolve to focus on multiple verticals and build more robust defenses. 

Dhruv Khanna, CEO & Director, Data Resolve Technologies, said “This association shall help us to take our business to newer heights. BD Soft has a strong presence in the network & security domain across India. Its vast distribution channel shall help us access and enter the wider markets. This association will strengthen our security offerings and help our customers gain insights around data loss & data theft.” 

Data Resolve provides a unified suite of solutions for insider threat management and employee behavioral analysis to provide complete cyber security & intelligence for enterprises. The company is focused on addressing issues related to corporate fraud, data leak and employee productivity with security analytics via endpoints, from in-premise and on-cloud platforms, with products christened as ‘inDefend –Solution for Insider Threat Management for Desktop and Laptops’ and ‘MobSec – Solution for Mobile Workforce Management for Smart Devices’. 

“Despite Covid19, the security space in India is still in its early-to-mid development stage. As the range of threats broadens and new vulnerabilities emerge, Data security has become the need of the hour for several sectors,” said  Zakir Hussain – CEO – BD Software Distribution. The year 2020 and 2021 is a testimony to the fact that organizations need to adapt to the ever-changing digital world, to protect their data and manage business continuity. “This is exactly where organizations like Data Resolve, an expert, can address the holistic needs of the industry,” Hussain said and remarked:  “This partnership could not have come at a better time.”

“Our focus is to approach SMB from 10-100 users who are looking to secure their data and depend on their reseller to service their needs. We have a good reseller network who are servicing similar SMB clients and we hope to take their support to increase the reach for Data Resolve solutions,” Hussain added.