Fosters An Outstanding Work Environment


Global IT consulting and software services company Beyond Key has won the Madhya Pradesh Best Employer Brand Award.

INDORE, June 29 (The CONNECT) – Beyond Key, a global IT consulting and software services company, has said it has been felicitated with Madhya Pradesh Best Employer Brand Award by the World HRD Congress.



This recognition serves as a testament to Beyond Key’s steadfast dedication to cultivating an exceptional company culture, the company said.

Beyond Key, a leading provider of comprehensive technological solutions, sets an example by not only delivering outstanding services but also fostering an outstanding work environment that goes above and beyond. By providing a supportive work environment, Beyond Key ensures that its employees thrive and excel in their roles.

Piyush Goel, CEO& Founder of Beyond Key, said, “This acknowledgement highlights our constant dedication to establishing an incredible workplace where our employees can flourish, develop their abilities, and find fulfilment in their professional lives”.

The Employer Branding Institute, in collaboration with the World HRD Congress, hosts the prestigious Madhya Pradesh Best Employer Brands Award. The World HRD Congress operates as an autonomous and non-profit entity dedicated to the goal of enhancing the quality of work and professional lives. Typically, the award is determined through a comprehensive evaluation process that involves both internal and external assessments, measuring factors such as employee satisfaction and the existing practices and policies within the organization.



Beyond Key has committed itself to creating highly scalable software solutions that go above and beyond customer requirements. They work to provide their consumers with quick outcomes by utilising the latest cutting-edge technology.