President Draupadi Murmu To Open On Sep 21


CM Yogi said the state remains free from criminal activities, kidnapping for ransom, land mafia are history now.

LUCKNOW, Aug 30 (The CONNECT) – Even as Uttar Pradesh has emerged as a leading economy from the dark past of ‘Bimaru’ state, the State is all set to host the first International Trade Show in Greater Noida from September 21 to 25.

President Draupadi Murmu will inaugurate this International Trade Show on September 21. Notably, over 400 buyers from more than 66 countries have confirmed their participation in this event so far. As the Trade Show approaches, there is a possibility of more countries and buyers joining. These buyers will not only participate in the International Trade Show but also work towards elevating the recognition of Uttar Pradesh’s products at the international level.

Countries from 10 regions confirmed their participation in the International Trade Show till August 24. The majority of countries and buyers are from Europe.

A total of 60 buyers from 15 European nations have confirmed their participation through registrations for the International Trade Show. Additionally, there are registrations of 50 buyers each from 11 countries in the West Asia and North Africa (WANA) region, 6 countries from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), and 4 countries from the South East Asia (SEA) region.

Furthermore, 41 buyers from 11 African countries, 38 buyers each from 8 Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) countries, and 4 South Asia (SA) countries are also set to participate in the International Trade Show.

Meanwhile, CM Yogi Adityanath pointed out that “Under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Uttar Pradesh has moved towards progress becoming a developed state, emerging from a period of darkness and ‘bimaru’ state. Now Uttar Pradesh will soon become the leading economy of the country,” the CM emphasised.

He said UP has secured the second position from the fourth in Ease of Doing Business, which shows the government’s desire of progress in the last six years. He added that the first requirement for investment in any state is security, which the UP government has understood very well. Yogi said that the state remains free from criminal activities, committing acts like kidnapping for ransom is not possible and no goon can infiltrate industry and threaten and collect money.

Through the establishment of an Anti-Land Mafia Task Force, a land bank has been curated for industrial use, liberating 64,000 hectares of land from grabbers. The CD (credit-debit) ratio of the bank was 42 percent six years ago, whereas today it has reached 56 percent and we are working to increase it to 60 per cent, said the Chief Minister.

Yogi said that there are favourable opportunities for the industry in the state as Uttar Pradesh is a revenue surplus state. The state is rapidly moving forward with its biggest infrastructure programme.

The western region had its own infrastructure, but eastern UP and Bundelkhand were deprived of all this. The scenario has however changed today. In the year 2016, the government of India had to supply water through tankers to Bundelkhand, whereas today water is reaching every house from the tap, he pointed out.

CM Yogi informed that the Global Investors Summit-23 held this year attracted investment proposals of over Rs 36 lakh crores, which is a symbol of faith in Uttar Pradesh. “The once-declining MSME sector has undergone remarkable progress in the present market. The One District One Product initiative, initially introduced within the state, has now been adopted as a nationwide plan by the Government of India. This scheme has established the state as a manufacturing hub. Notably, the export of the state has reached about Rs 2 lakh crore”, he said.

CM Yogi appealed to the people of the industry associated with FICCI to collectively play their part in the development of the state.