With a special focus on diversity and inclusion, 40% of upskilled students in these centres were women.
GURUGRAM, July 4 (The CONNECT) Renewable energy services company BluPine Energy, established by global infrastructure investor Actis announced the completion of its upskilling programme for the local youth of Gujarat.

After a successful assessment by an external agency, 140 students were awarded certificates under the Skill India programme of the National Skills Development Corporation of India.

With an investment of USD 800 million from Actis’ Energy Fund 5, BluPine Energy is dedicated to developing a state-of-the-art 4+ GW renewable energy portfolio exclusively in India.

The state-of-the-art skill development centres have equipped participants with essential skills in the utility-scale renewable energy sector. The centres were located in three villages (Porana, Bhadiya, Nenava) of the Patan and Banas Kantha districts, and in two villages (Rampara, Kanakiya) in the Gir Somnath district.

With a special focus on diversity and inclusion, 40% of upskilled students in these centres were women. The training was completely sponsored by BluPine Energy, and no fees were charged to the beneficiaries.

This investment in social initiatives is voluntary and does not form part of BluPine’s statutory CSR investment requirement.

Sumit Barat, Chief Sustainability Officer of BluPine Energy,  said, the rapidly growing renewable energy sector in India has to focus on diversity, inclusion, and community empowerment as integral parts of its business impact.

With over 12 GW of renewable energy capacity added last year and 200 GW more anticipated by 2030, the demand for a skilled workforce in the country is expected to increase manyfold, she said.

The 6-month training imparted crucial skills in the renewable energy sector such as design, installation, operation, and maintenance of solar power systems, including solar panels, inverters, batteries, and related equipment. Participants also gained expertise in the mechanical and electrical systems of wind turbines, preparing them for various roles such as technician, project manager, consultant, and salesperson in Gujarat’s thriving solar and wind sector. Apart from technical skills, the programme also focused on soft skills and leadership training to enhance the employability of the students.

“By equipping students with essential skills, we are helping to bridge the demand-supply gap for skilled workers in this sector and improving the quality of life in the communities we operate in,” Barat said.

Neerav Nanavaty, CEO of BluPine Energy, explained that the initiative is making a tangible difference in the lives of individuals from underprivileged backgrounds. The skill development centres are a testament to the company’s belief that with the right training and support, anyone can become a valuable part of the renewable energy workforce.

A majority of the students trained under this program underwent a 2-month paid internship at a BluPine facility. This familiarized them with industry requirements and best practices. PRSD, the implementation agency appointed for upskilling the local village youth, will ensure the placement of all students upskilled under this program. They will also monitor the career progression of these students for one year and provide suitable guidance to increase employability.

The achievements of these graduates are a source of immense pride for us. “We are confident that they will lead the way in their communities, driving both economic growth and sustainable practices,” Nanavaty said.