MUMBAI, Jan 23 (The CONNECT) – Mumbai, which is currently witnessing a major transformation with several infrastructure projects, is also experiencing an upgrade in housing.

As connectivity is improving, a notable surge in demand for housing is being witnessed in the central suburbs. This is also attributed to the skyrocketing property prices and challenges in commuting in the western suburbs. In conrast, the central suburbs offer a diverse range of housing options, from affordable to luxury, and natural greenery. Post-COVID, healthy living in residential projects in Mumbai has taken a new dimension, reflecting the aspects that contribute to the well-being of residents.

Mulund, the ‘Queen of the Central Suburbs’, is rapidly emerging as a luxury housing hub. Amid several ongoing projects, one visionary project that stands out is the Atmosphere O2 which not only emphasizes on healthy living but is also poised to redefine luxury living in Mulund, a real estate observer said.

It is an iconic residential development by Atmosphere Realty Private Limited – a consortium of The Wadhwa Group, Man Infra Construction Limited, and Chandak Group. Located in Mulund’s heart, this project spans seven acres, offering up to 85% open spaces. Two towers of the Atmosphere O2 project were completed one year ahead of schedule, and two more towers are expected to be handed over in 2024.

This follows the record completion of the ‘Atmosphere’ phase 1 project, featuring three 43-story towers, in just 3.5 years. Similarly, their commercial venture, ‘The Gateway’, next to Atmosphere O2 is expected to be completed in 2024.

Navin Makhija – Managing Director, The Wadhwa Group said, the pandemic highlighted the need for healthy living and how our day-to-day life can be impacted severely because of the environment we live in. Homebuyers have now realized the importance of a home that is thoughtfully planned, well-designed, and well-ventilated more than ever. Elements like Italian marble, kitchen cabinets, shower panels, and many more which merely are items of luxury are now becoming secondary to a healthy living space and an environment that enables the safety of inhabitants.

The Wadhwa Group prioritizes health, fitness, and social well-being in their projects. It is clearly evident in their VENTILIT philosophy which promotes natural light, natural air, and maximum height in all apartments. Atmosphere O2, a visionary project prioritizes a seamless integration of modern technologies and traditional design elements. Its meticulous design optimizes natural elements like the Sun and Air to enhance the healthy living of our Clients. Every element of this project whether inside the individual’s apartment OR common areas, each is detailed out to be functional and user-friendly. Atmosphere expresses design which is ‘inside out’ and ‘client-centric’. Other projects in the vicinity of Grade A developers have been under development for several years and are highly dense development. Hence Atmosphere O2 stands out as a preferred choice for customers for its design and ready possession.

“This paradigm shift towards prioritizing health-conscious design in spaces created by The Wadhwa Group reflects a deeper understanding of how our homes can influence our physical and mental health, particularly in times of global health crises,” Makhija said.

Atmosphere O2 is crafted with indigenous planning, unmatched lifestyle amenities, a spatial living concept with amazing views and astute connectivity with all the necessary conveniences right in the vicinity. It offers strategic connectivity via the Goregaon-Mulund Link Road (GMLR) and Eastern Express Highway, providing seamless access to Mumbai’s eastern and western suburbs. Nestled on the arterial LBS Marg with Metro access and proximity to Nahur railway station, it reflects a holistic approach to living, combining physical, mental, and environmental well-being, which is particularly relevant in the densely populated urban environment of Mumbai.