No hearings will be entertained, Navi Mumbai Hotel Owners Association tells members.

NAVI MUMBAI: Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has directed the police, excise and municipal officials to strictly ensure closing of bars by 1.30 AM permit.

The CM has also asked the officials to be firm with the permit rooms in case of violations and suspend or cancel the licenses with no provision for any hearing.

Stating this, Navi Mumbai Hotel Owners Association has asked its members to scrupulously adhere to the rules.

Billing of every guest should be presented by 1.15 am and in any case, the establishment should not be open beyond 1.30 AM, association president Dayanand Shetty said.

“Please take care of your business and close the outlet to the stipulated government timings,” Shetty said.

“The orders are to be followed strictly for sake of our Business Safety and Security,” he said.