American Sociologist Babones Praises Rajdhani Exp Food

First class food buy IRCTC, says Salvatore Babones

NEW DELHI, Feb 20 (The CONNECT) – Salvatore Babones, a well-known sociologist from the United States, recently praised the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) and Nova Dairy for their premium Nova Dahi, which was a component of his meal on the Rajdhani Express.

Babones, who is renowned for his work and viewpoints on the global economy, particularly those of former US president Donald Trump, recently traveled on the Rajdhani Express and praised the top-notch food and welcoming environment provided by the IRCTC.

In a Tweet posted on his official handle, Babones shared a picture of his food and the catering in-charge, Narendra Kumar. He noted that the food’s flavor was “first-class,” especially in light of the fact that he was traveling in second-class. He praised the quality of the food and the excellent service provided by the IRCTC. He was especially appreciative of the IRCTC’s commitment to excellent food quality and their inclusion of Nova Dahi, which he thought was of exceptional quality.

Nova Dairy takes great pride in producing premium-quality dairy products that are enjoyed by millions of people around the world. They retweeted Babones, glad he was relishing his Nova Dahi.