Don’t shy away but initiate an open conversation with the children to build confidence in them, says Mankind Farma.

NEW DELHI, June 17 (The CONNECT) -On the occasion of Father’s Day, Manforce Condoms has launched a new campaign #CoolestDaddy seeking to strengthening the bond between the father and the son.

The Father’s Day campaign is an extension of the year-long campaign #CondomNahiManforceBolo campaign. The video captures a fun conversation between the father-son on the discovery of a condom pack in the son’s pocket.

The video initiated a lighthearted conversation around condoms to disintegrate the barrier between parents and children. It showcases the mother complaining to the father about finding a condom in the son’s pocket. Expecting the father to scold the son and take things into his own hands seriously, she is taken aback to see the father dealing with the situation in a very relaxed and chilled-out manner. It takes a step towards normalizing the conversation around sex with the children.

Joy Chatterjee, Associate Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mankind Pharma, said, the campaign underscores the importance of not shying away and initiating open conversation with the children to build confidence in them so they can confide the deepest secrets in their fathers without any hesitation.

The campaign will also be amplified across social media platforms with the help of influencer activity to forge deeper connection with the audience.