Tribyte Makes It Interesting, Fun, Interactive, Seamless


Tribyte has been technology partner for market leaders such as Aakash Institute, Vidyamandir, Wadhwani FoundationAzim Premji UniversityNIIT Foundation and many more. 


Apollo Munich Health Insurance was looking out for scalable digital solution which does not compromise on their learning process and get the employees ready at the earliest in a cost-effective manner. Every agent, employee and partner is required to be inducted, trained on Apollo Munich’s products before they get started with their work. The company was doing classroom based trainings for all the new joiner’s which became unmanageable in terms of scheduling, planning and accommodating all people from various states.

Solution should work with low bandwidth requirements and meant to aid the learner’s efforts to comprehend and articulate the products while ensuring the certification and training process are fully compliant with Apollo Munich and IRDA policies.

Apollo Munich approached Tribyte for an accelerated roll-out of a learning platform that is expected to be easy-to-use, highly scalable, mobile-friendly and possesses full offline capabilities.

Apollo Munich (HDFC Ergo Health Insurance) – Case Study

Apollo Munich leveraged Tribyte’s end-to-end learning platform to launch an integrated learning portal and application called iLead that catered to the training needs of agents, partners and employees across India. Users accesses the learning material across devices in a unified manner addressing several criteria’s specific to Apollo Munich and regulatory requirements.

Apollo Munich with iLead learning platform provided by Tribyte enabled unified access for agents, partners and employees across devices and operating systems.

TriByte Technologies, an Interactive Multi-lingual Learning Platform, can talk of many such case studies as it celebrates its decade of success.

Seethaprasad Mandikel, CEO & Founder of TriByte technologies says: “It has been a very exciting 10 years and I am personally proud of all the accomplishments and contributions we have made in education to help millions of learners achieve their dream. We are thankful to all our customers giving us the opportunity and supporting in our journey. We are driven by our passion for improving learning experience and user engagement using technology and help our learners reach their goal”.

TriByte was established on November 22nd, 2010 by a team of experienced professionals who came from different industry verticals. They had already scripted successful careers for themselves and now, came together to deliver another landmark project. TriByte’s founder’s vision is to build a product which will make learning interesting, fun and interactive and to offer services to course builders which are authentic, engaging, creative and challenging.

The company has a customer base across 7 countries and 3 continents. Currently, more than 1.5 million users are on the platform which spans across the domains of Test Preparation (Coaching Classes), Skill development, Corporate Training, K-12 (Schools), Colleges and Universities. COVID19 was a challenging time but, TriByte rose to the occasion to help, education institutes and universities, transition from offline to online mode, at record speed of implementation, and thus minimizing impact to their students.

Seethaprasad explains: Over the course of a decade, Tribyte Technologies has dramatically expanded the scope of its products offerings supporting multiple learning pedagogies with a flexibility to blend based on the need. It has been technology partner for market leaders such as Aakash Institute, Vidyamandir, Wadhwani Foundation, Azim Premji University, NIIT Foundation and many more.

Here is how Tribyte customised its LMS to a Virtual Activity Platform in just 48 hrs of announcement of nation-wide lock-down, to power a one of its kind social experiment for high engagement, fun activities & creative pursuits to a 900 unit residential community while maintaining complete social distancing. Results are all SMILES.

Aakash Institute, one of the leading and trusted brands in the TestPrep industry in India,  needed to scale the business from Tier1 to Tier-2 & Tier-3 cities. Expanding the business with the classroom model was not cost-effective and not feasible for some places.

Make the Knowledge base accessible

The institute was looking out for a scalable digital solution which does not compromise on their teaching methodology at the same time solve the issues which traditional classroom could not solve effectively.

Efforts to assist students catching up on the missed classes or need to re-cap the concept during the exam time, posed a challenge where each student needs were different and classroom mode was not feasible.

The company was also looking at online test platforms which can support few thousands of users taking tests simultaneously, the flexibility of merging the results taken offline online with evaluation and analysis across online and offline, became the need of the hour.

Aakash Institute approached Tribyte for an accelerated roll-out of a learning platform that is expected to be easy-to-use, highly scalable, mobile-friendly, and possesses full offline capabilities.

Aakash Institute leveraged Tribyte’s Comprehensive learning platform to launch an integrated learning portal and mobile application called The Aakash iTutor which combines the best of classroom learning and self-paced learning. iTutor provided students access to great teacher’s full lectures, engaged learning, doubt clearing sessions, test assessments, personalized feedback and peer learning, all at the fingertips.

“It would have been hard to believe,” recalls a happy Seethaprasad that “when we started the company with a handful of people and an idea on white board, that we would end up where we are today.” “Our vision was to build a product which will make learning interesting, fun and interactive and make it work seamlessly with or without connectivity across all devices. It has been a continuous learning in last 10 years, evolving the product to market needs”.

Tribyte is in business for providing Interactive Personalized Learning solution as SAAS to Social Organisations, NGOs, Corporates, Higher Ed institutes, Test Prep Institutes and Universities. Our mission at TriByte is to enhance learner engagement and learning outcomes through interactive videos/other learning content. The TriByte learning platform adds magic to learning content, making them fun by building the tools to upload/aggregate, enhance, share and interact on videos and other learning content. “Our innovative approach and commitment have been instrumental in making us the preferred partner for some of the largest education companies in India,” says the Company.

The core team has been constantly innovating on the challenges and needs of the market. TriByte technologies has now solved scaling the delivery of learning material in a cost-effective and secure model. The team is working on improving the learner outcome and engagement using Adaptive Learning and improve efficiency using AI through learn bots and other models. Going forward, the company’s core values and principles will continue to be the unshakable foundation as we carry out our vision with all the learnings and work towards being a market disruptor.