VP Dhankar Calls For Education-Industry-Govt Synergy

AI will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and interact and it is an opportunity as well as a challenge, says Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar.

MUMBAI, Nov 7 (The CONNECT) – Vice-President Jagdeep Dhankhar has asked premier technology education institutions such as IIT to be in synergy with industry and government so that technology can be democratized and universalized.

Interacting with the students at IIT, Bombay, Dhankhar called upon them to engage in research and innovation and urged them to use technology for societal cause that can enable ease of living for the people of the country and humanity at large.

Calling knowledge as the supreme power that alone has the capability to define the place of any individual, organization and nation in the world, the Vice-President exhorted the students to engage in cutting edge research in areas like Quantum Computing, artificial intelligence, 6G, Cryptography, Cyber security and  Green Hydrogen.

Reflecting on the demographic dividend and role of youth, he called them as the greatest stakeholder in governance. He expressed confidence in the capacity of youth to craft the destiny of Bharat and called them as the foremost engines of growth.

Dhankar emphasized on the transformation potential of new emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and said that the world is on the cusp of technological revolution.

He stressed that AI will fundamentally alter the way we live, work and interact and it is an opportunity as well as a challenge. He Dhankhar remarked emergence of AI as one of the most significant production shifts since industrial revolution.

Recognizing the importance of women empowerment and gender equality, Vice-President, lauded the government initiatives like Swatch Bharat Mission, Ujjwala Yojana and Har Ghar Jal Yojana that has provided dignity to thousands of women, gave them freedom from drudgery and made their life lot easier.

He also remarked the recent passing of women reservation bill in parliament as epochal development which will have far reaching societal changes.

Highlighting the changing nature of warfare and penetration of technology in strategic domains, Vice-President stated that “the best defence is that you are capable of extreme offence”.

Dhankhar urged them to be proud citizens of Bharat, be proud of our nation’s historical accomplishments and uphold our age-old ethos and democratic values.

Expressing concern over movement of our nation’s raw material to other countries without value addition, the Vice-President remarked that it is high time that we all must develop a deep sense of economic nationalism. As raw material leaving our shores without value addition deprives our youth of employment and opportunity of entrepreneurship.