Post Lok Sabha poll, UP CM restarts Janata Darshan, makes senior officials accountable.

LUCKNOW, June 6 (The CONNECT) -In his first public interaction after the Lok Sabha elections, UP Chief Minister Yogi Aadityanath issued a stern warning to government officials that dereliction in their duties will not be tolerated.

A large number of victims and people in distress came to his official residence Yogi Adityanath restarted the Janata Darshan on Thursday after the end of the election code of conduct.

He heard the grievances and instructed the concerned officials to resolve these issues immediately, reiterating that public matters are a top priority for the government.

CM Yogi instructed the officials to make all the pending payments of the previous sugar cane session before the start of new crushing.

He said the Relief Commissioner’s Office should be active 24×7 to provide immediate assistance to those affected during the summer and rainy seasons.

Health, Urban Development, and Rural Development Departments should remain vigilant against communicable diseases, he said.

CM Yogi held a meeting with all the Additional Chief Secretary/Principal Secretary-level government officers and reviewed the updated status of public welfare projects in the state immediately after the conclusion of the Lok Sabha elections.

The CM said these senior officials are  accountable for every system, every project, every issue related to the department. Therefore, it is their responsibility to ensure timeliness and quality. Do not keep public interest cases pending unnecessarily, he said.

On the government departmental vacancies, he sasid requisitions from all departments should be immediately be sent to the selection commissions. The e-adhiyachan system has been implemented to facilitate the appointment process, use it. Before sending the requisition for appointment, the rules should be examined thoroughly, he said and pointed out that no erroneous applications should be sent.

He also called for speeding up the GST collection efforts using technology and asked the officials not to tolerate tax evasipn under any circumstances.

He instructed that the telentless crackdown on the production, sale, and distribution of poisonous or illicit liquor has effectively dismantled its entire syndicate. This momentum must be sustained. It is heartening that no unpleasant incidents related to toxic or illegal liquor were reported anywhere during the Lok Sabha elections, he said.

Noting that there is a high risk of the spread of communicable diseases during the rainy season, he directed that  the medical machinery should be alert.