AYODHYA, Jan 16 (The CONNECT) – Ayodhya is now under the watchful eye of drones equipped with artificial intelligence and anti-mine operations as the city gets set for Pran Pratishtha of Lord Dri Ram on January 22.

While AI-supported drones are conducting aerial surveillance across Ayodhya, promptly reporting any detected suspicious activity to the control room, anti-mine drones are simultaneously inspecting the ground for mines or explosives. The anti-mine drones are also capable of detecting  and neutralising explosives even if they are planted underground.

UP CM Yogi has directed police officers to implement these security measures in Ayodhya.

GLORY OF RAM: Meanwhile, the city is basking in its glorious heritage of Ram Lalla with the lord’s name on the lips of every resident.  The city’s atmosphere stands electrified with chants of Jai Shri Ram and hymns singing the glory of Lord Shri Ram.

Lakhs of devotees are coming for the darshan of their beloved Shri Ram Lalla, at various places, singing bhajans and kirtans in their own unique styles while hundreds of artists are carving the splendor of Ramrajya on Ayodhya’s streets with rangoli.

Meanwhile, UP Police personnel deployed at every ten steps to ensure security in every nook and corner in line with CM Yogi’s directive. The entire stretch from Lata Chowk to Shri Ram Temple pervades with the colours of Ram Rajya.

Along with this, there are facade lighting, mural paintings, vintage Victorian solar tail lamp, artistically designed arc lamp, greenly enabled divider, proper pavement, inland drainage and concrete layout carriage way on the newly constructed Ram Path, Dharam Path, Bhakti Path and Ram Janmabhoomi Path in the inner part of Ayodhya Dham that tell the saga of Ayodhya’s transformation in Yogi government.

OLD &  NEW IDOLS: The present idol of Ram Lalla will also be installed in the sanctum sanctorum of the new temple along with the new idol, setting all speculations to rest, said General Secretary of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, Champat Rai,

He remarked: “The worship of the present idol of Lord Shri Ram has been going on for the last 70 years and it will be seated in the sanctum sanctorum of the original temple along with the new idol. The worshipping of the idol will continue even after January 22 in the same manner as it has been done so far.”