Budget should allocate resources for agri-tech R&D, focus on food supply accessibility and affordability.


​The Agriculture Accelerator Fund in the previous union budget provided significant support to AgTech startups.

In anticipation of the upcoming budget, we are hopeful for policies that not only streamline regulatory processes but also encourage cross-border collaborations, fostering a global, collaborative approach.

The key to advancing our agricultural sector lies in government initiatives that incentivize cutting-edge technologies, encompassing sustainable and precision farming, AI-driven analytics, and smart irrigation systems.

By nurturing innovation, sustainability, and digitalization, the budget has the potential to propel agriculture into a future marked by resilience and efficiency.

The Union Budget has the opportunity to address Food Security, emphasizing an affordable and easily accessible food supply, aligning with the World Health Organization’s Zero Hunger initiative.

A favourable budget should allocate resources for agricultural technology R&D, focusing on solutions to address evolving agribusiness needs. Incentives for organic farming and a comprehensive approach to ensuring food supply accessibility and affordability are vital for a sustainable global food future.

Regenerative agriculture practices and climate tech adoption interventions require additional support from the coming union budget. The Union Budget stands as a pivotal moment to sow the seeds of agricultural prosperity, cultivating a future where innovation and sustainability flourish.​” (The author is CEO & Co Founder, FarmERP)