Data To Be Shared With Global Community – PM

At G20 Summit, Prime Minister Modi also announces Global Biofuel Alliance and Green Credit Initiative.

NEW DELHI, Sep 9 (The CONNECT) – India is launching  G20 Satellite Mission for Environment and Climate Observation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today declared.

The initiative is being taken keeping in mind the climate change challenges the world is facing, Modi said in his opening remarks at the G20 Summit  which India is presiding.

Referring to the success of India’s Moon Mission Chandrayaan, Modi said the data obtained from it will be beneficial for all of humanity. “With the same spirit, India is proposing the launch of the G20 Satellite Mission for Environment and Climate Observation,” he said.
The climate and weather data obtained from this will be shared with all the countries, especially the countries of the Global South, he said and invited  all G-20 countries to join this initiative.

In two more environment related steps, PM Modi announced the launch of Global Biofuel Alliance and Green Credit Initiative.

Underscoring that he need of the hour is to work together in the field of fuel blending and India’s proposes  to take an initiative at a global-level to take ethanol blending in petrol up to 20 percent, he said.
Or alternatively, he pointed out, G20 could work on developing another blending mix for the greater global good, one that ensures a stable energy supply while also contributing to climate security.
“In this context, today, we are launching the Global Biofuel Alliance. India invites all of you to join this initiative,” he said.
He pointed out that discussions on Carbon Credit have been ongoing for decades keeping the environment in mind. Carbon Credit emphasizes what should not be done; it has a negative perspective.

“As a result, what positive steps should be taken, often do not receive adequate attention. There is a lack of encouragement for positive initiatives,” he said.
Green Credit shows the way forward, Modi said and proposed that G-20 countries start working on a ‘Green Credit Initiative.’

Modi said, India stands among the countries where a large-scale solar revolution is underway. Millions of Indian farmers have embraced natural farming. This is a big campaign to protect human health as well as the health of the soil and the Earth. We have also launched the ‘National Green Hydrogen Mission’ in India to boost green hydrogen production. During India’s G-20 presidency, he said, “we have also taken significant steps toward creating a Global Hydrogen Ecosystem”.
Keeping in mind the challenge of climate change, energy transition is a significant need of the 21st century world. Trillions of dollars are required for an inclusive energy transition. Naturally, developed countries play a very crucial role in this, he said.
Along with India, all the countries of the Global South are happy that developed countries have taken a positive initiative this year, in 2023. Developed countries have expressed their willingness to fulfil their commitment of 100 billion dollars for climate finance for the first time, PM Modi said.
By adopting the ‘Green Development Pact,’ G-20 has also reaffirmed its commitments to sustainable and green growth.
With the spirit of collective effort, today, India has some suggestions on this G-20 platform.