PM: Third World Confidence Rises With India’s Presidency


Prime Minister Narendra Modi said a GDP-centric view of the world is now changing to a human-centric one

NEW DELHI, Sep 4 (The CONNECT) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India’s G20 Presidency has also sowed the seeds of confidence in the countries of the so-called Third World’.



They are gaining greater confidence to shape the direction of the world in the coming years on many issues such as climate change and global institutional reforms, Modi said in an exclusive interview to news agency PTI (Press Trust of India) which the PM posted on social media platform X (formerly twitter).

“We will move faster towards a more representative and inclusive order where every voice is heard,” Modi declared in his interview to PTI Editor-in-Chief Vijay Joshi.

All this will happen with the cooperation of the developed countries, because today, they are acknowledging the potential of the Global South more than ever before and recognizing the aspirations of these countries as a force for the global good, Modi said.

He explained that a GDP-centric view of the world is now changing to a human-centric one. Like a new world order was seen after World War 2, a new world order is taking shape post-COVID. The parameters of influence and impact are changing and this needs to be recognized.



The Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas’ model that has shown the way in India can also be a guiding principle for the welfare of the world.



Irrespective of the size of the GDP, every voice matters, he said.

Asked about the importance of  ndia proposal to make the Africa Union a permanent member of G-20, Modi said “Our affinity to Africa is natural”.

“We have had millennia-old cultural and commerce ties with Africa. We have a shared history of movements against colonialism. As a youthful and aspirational nation ourselves, we also relate to the people of Africa and their aspirations,” he said.


The full transcript of the interview, as tweeted by PM Modi can be checked here


In the last few years, this relationship has got even stronger. One of the earliest summits that I held after becoming Prime Minister was the India-Africa Forum Summit in 2015. Over 50 countries from Africa participated and it greatly strengthened our partnership.

Later, in 2017, for the first time, a summit of the African Development Bank was held outside Africa, in Ahmedabad.

He pointed out that the theme of our G20 Presidency –  Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam   One Earth, One Family, One Future’. It is not just a slogan but a comprehensive philosophy that is derived from our cultural ethos.



This guides our outlook within India and towards the world too. Look at our track record within India.

“We identified districts that were earlier labelled backward and neglected. We brought a fresh approach and empowered the aspirations of the people there. The Aspirational Districts programme was launched. It is bearing wonderful results with many of these districts showing significant progress. We identified villages and households without electricity and electrified them,” Modi said

“We identified households without access to drinking water and provided 10 crore tap water connections. Similarly, we reached those without facilities such as sanitation and bank accounts, enabling access and empowerment,” he said.

“This is the approach that guides us even at the global level. We work for the inclusion of those who feel their voices are not being heard,” he said.

Pointing out that the vision of  One-Earth-One-Health is manifesting itself in different ways, he said India’s ancient systems of Yoga and Ayurveda are helping the world bring a paradigm shift in the focus towards health and wellness.

During COVID-19, India’s approach was not that of isolation but of integration. Despite constraints, te nation assisted nearly 150 countries of the world with medicines and vaccines. Many of these countries were from the Global South, he said.

When we say we see the world as a family, we truly mean it. Every country’s voice matters, no matter the size, economy or region. In this, we are also inspired by the humane vision and ideals of Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and Kwame Nkrumah.

Africa is a top priority for us even within the G20. One of the first things we did during our G20 Presidency was to hold the Voice of the Global South summit, which had enthusiastic participation from Africa.

We believe that no plan for the future of the planet can be successful without the representation and recognition of all voices. There is a need to come out of a purely utilitarian worldview and embrace a  Sarva Jana Hitaaya, Sarva Jana Sukhaaya’ model.