‘Give It Back To Gurugram’ Unites A Cross Section


Gurgaon underwent a name change to Gurugram seven years ago, yet the new identity does not fully resonate with the community.

Intro: Gurgaon’s name was changed 7 years ago to Gurugram but since then there has been no or little effort put into familiarising the new name to the residents and increasing their love for the new name. GiveBackToGurugram is a collective endeavour to activate all the residents of the city by uniting them through the song Give it Back to Gurugram and go beyond. To know more about GiveBackToGurugram, BNC Editor B N Kumar did an exclusive email chat with YASHASHVI MUKESH, Head of Partnerships at GiveBackToGurugram. Excerpts:

What is the mission and what are the objectives?

We at Geek, with our 15 years of expertise, believe that every city has its unique problems, and everything required to solve these problems is already available in the city. The government, with its people-led mandates, corporate businesses, with their financial resources, and the people of the city, with their time and energy, all share a common desire for a better life. Our mission is to bridge these entities together, unveiling their collective potential and fostering a sense of shared purpose.

Give Back to Gurugram is an initiative driven by Geek, aimed at uniting every Gurugrammer and igniting their passion to take action. At the heart of this mission lies the Gurugram song—an essential element that seeks to unite and inspire Gurugrammers to step beyond their comfort zones and strive for greatness in their own lives and within their city.

Despite the fact that Gurgaon underwent a name change to Gurugram seven years ago, the new identity has yet to fully resonate with the community. This initiative presents a unique opportunity to help the community embrace its new identity, fostering a sense of unity and oneness among its residents.

Great! Who initiated this drive and how?

Geek Creative agency, under the able leadership of Mayank Agrawal, a marketing genius and an impact evangelist, is spearheading this mission along with the important stakeholders of the city. The song itself was brought to life through the collective efforts of Bluebells School students, teachers, and local influencers who have contributed to its production. This collaborative process truly embodies the spirit of democracy, encapsulating the essence of “Of the people, For the people, and By the people.”

How do you plan to take it forward and what are the activities listed?

The main activity of our initiative is the highly anticipated launch of the Gurugram song, which is scheduled to take place on Friendship Day, July 30th, 2023. We deliberately chose this day because it perfectly embodies the sentiment we aim to propagate throughout society. We envision a future where every Gurugrammer becomes a supporter and a friend to their fellow residents and the city as a whole. It is a day for celebrating our lives, our bonds, our shared struggles, and our collective successes, all in harmony with the spirit of our beloved city.

  • Click here for the teaser of GIVE IT BACK TO GURUGRAM song

In addition to the song, our initiative is actively engaged in a comprehensive campaign, in collaboration with Gurugram Cyber Police and other relevant stakeholders, with the goal of making Gurugram the safest city in the country when it comes to cybercrime. We are dedicated to training the citizens in cybersecurity practices, hosting mass public events to raise awareness, and establishing an engaging digital and physical media presence that reaches every nook and corner of the city. By working closely with the community and leveraging the collective efforts of various stakeholders, we are committed to building a cyber-safe Gurugram for all its residents.

How is the response and people’s participation, so far?

On May 21st, 2023, many Gurugrammers came together at the center of the city at DLF Cyber Hub and launched Give Back to Gurugram. A significant number of Gurugrammers united at the heart of the city, specifically at DLF Cyber Hub, to inaugurate the initiative together. This event was conducted in close partnership with the government, schools, corporates, the biker community, media outlets, influencers, and the community as a whole. The overwhelming support and active involvement from these stakeholders have been instrumental in forging crucial partnerships that have propelled the campaign forward.

Since its launch, the initiative has gained significant traction and continues to garner support from various stakeholders. The enthusiasm and participation from the community have been truly inspiring, further solidifying the commitment to the mission of Give Back to Gurugram. We are grateful for the collective efforts and engagement from Gurugrammers, who have shown their dedication and passion towards making a positive impact on their city.

Other than focusing on the name, any other issues that you plan to deal with?

In addition to reclaiming the name, the song goes beyond by focusing on the profound aspects of unity, celebration, and inclusivity within Gurugram. The Gurugram song serves as a powerful platform, uniting people from diverse backgrounds, celebrating the city’s rich culture, cherished landmarks, and everything it has to offer. It acts as a window through which every Gurugrammer can connect with one another, fostering a sense of community and shared pride. By embracing the song, residents are given the opportunity to participate in a collective experience that transcends boundaries, creating a vibrant tapestry of unity and celebration within the city.

Like any other city, Gurugram also has many problems such as civic issues, environmental concerns, roads and traffic, floods during monsoon, and the vanishing green cover. Do you plan to engage with the stakeholders on this?

Engaging with stakeholders to address the various challenges faced by Gurugram is an integral part of our approach. Our work is rooted in the belief that by capturing the interest and active participation of the people through our creative marketing and outreach activities, we can channel and harness their potential for a broader impact.

While our current focus is on making Gurugram a cyber-safe city, we are fully committed to expanding our efforts in addressing other pressing issues as well. Together with the stakeholders, we will identify and prioritize areas of concern within the civic, environmental, and social challenges. By fostering a sense of collective action, we aim to collaborate with the community, government bodies, businesses, and other relevant stakeholders to implement sustainable solutions and bring about positive change.