Textile industry, the second biggest employment centre, needs more attention and industry-friendly policies, says JIGAR VIRADIYA

With the advent of the interim budget 2024 by the Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, the textile industry has certain expectations to be fulfilled.

-the industry is going through a phase of upgradation to meet the demands of the international market. The technological upgradation is the need of the time and releasing the subsidy on the textile machinery can be of great help.

-The industry needs to become more nature-friendly to make our country greener and cleaner India. If new technologies and methods are promoted to handle the waste created it may be a great effort by the government in this direction.

– As is well known, the textile industry after the agriculture industry is the second biggest employment centre for the masses. Hence needs more attention and expects more policies in the favour of the industry which helps it to grow.

Jigar Viradiya

More young generation well qualified in this field should become a part of the industry. As textile is upgrading and hence is the need for more qualified staff. Like all other fields in which today the young generation want to qualify and take as a profession similarly the awareness for the textiles be created in the curriculum. It should be projected as an equally lucrative field promising them a successful career. The better the qualified staff so better the skilled labour, the better the output of the textile industry. (The author is Founder & CEO at Vastranand)