SaaS Platform Amaze Makes It Amazingly Simple

The milestone will help bring the capabilities of Hexaware’s Amaze platform to many customers globally.

MUMBAI, Oct 28 (The CONNECT) – Hexaware Technologies has announces its introduction to Google Cloud Marketplace with its enterprise modernization platform, Amaze for Applications. This milestone represents the distillation of Hexaware’s cloud transformation expertise into a SaaS – software as a service – platform that enables enterprises to build, operate, and scale by leveraging Google Cloud services in a self-service manner.

Hexaware is a global IT, BPS and consulting services company empowering businesses worldwide to realize digital transformation at scale and speed.

On Google Cloud Marketplace, organizations can now subscribe to Amaze SaaS platform and related services such as portfolio assessment, cloud transformation readiness assessment and application cloud transformation as a self-service model. There are a variety of flexible package options, pricing models, and accompanying services available that enable enterprises to customize their Amaze platform to best suit their needs and budget. For example, one can access the Free Tier services with certain limitations that enable enterprises to explore, experiment, and validate the solution. Also available are premium custom solutions available that offer a more robust full-service option. Additionally, there are various pre-paid support plans – Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

“Helping organizations execute their digital transformation goals with cloud migration and modernization of technologies are important to both Google Cloud and our partners,” said Dai Vu, Managing Director, Marketplace & ISV GTM Programs, Google Cloud. “With its enterprise cloud transformation platform for applications now available on Google Cloud Marketplace, Hexaware is making it easier for customers to access and deploy the Amaze platform to their cloud environment as they progress along their cloud transformation journeys.”

Srinivasan Panchapakesan, Executive Vice President & Global Head, Amaze Business & Cloud Transformation Delivery, said, “Further to the recent US patent approval, getting Amaze for Applications on Google Cloud Marketplace will help bring the capabilities of our enterprise application modernization platform to more customers globally. We are focused on innovation, and our specially crafted solutions on Google Cloud powered by automation, ML, AI, and analytics will help drive the digital transformation of enterprise applications at scale and speed.”

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