Just About 350 Are Explored, So Far

No University is truly global without Indian Students studying at them, says Marc P. Christensen, of Clarkson University

HYDERABAD, Mar 23 (The CONNECT) – Indian students explored just 350 universities out of the 4,000 in the US, according to Ashok Kallam, Founder and CEO of Indo Global Studies

Indians in general and Telugu students in particular need to explore other Universities as well he said during a day-long  visit by Marc P. Christensen, President of the USA based 125 years old Clarkson University and his wife Seema Grover to Indo Global Studies.

Dr Christensen said no University is truly global without Indian Students studying at them. India is a very big nation with a lot of potential for students who are willing to study abroad. With 60 million students graduating each year, India is the tiger. Nearly two lakh students travel to the USA every year to study there, he said.

Clarkson had the first Indian student studying on campus way back in 1964. Since then, many have studied with them. But, the university never explored this market consciously.

At Clarkson University, as in the US overall, India is now the number one country in terms of the number of students coming for their studies. China is now pushed to fourth place at Clarkson.

Post-COVID, Computer Science and Data Science are the two disciplines most preferred by overseas students.

India-born Seema Grover Christensen pointed out that that India is a high-tech country. There is a lot of value is given to education in Indian culture, she said.

The Clarkson team would explore forming partnerships and visit the newly inaugurated American Consulate in the City.