HYDERABAD, Jan 4 (The CONNECT) — Poetry enthusiasts and wordsmiths in Hyderabad are in for a delightful treat as the city gears up to host a Limerick Contest, a celebration of wit and poetry.

Entries are invited from interested individuals – adults from any walks of life and students from schools, colleges and literary circles.

Organised by the Tourism Committee of The 106-year-old Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI), the contest promises to bring together talented poets and limerick aficionados from across the region for a day of creative expression and literary camaraderie.

Tourism committee chairperson Rakhi Kankaria said the event will showcase and celebrate the unique art of limerick writing, with its distinctive rhyme scheme and humorous themes.

It will hopefully Raise awareness about the limerick as a form of poetry. This art form is unique to Hyderabad but long forgotten, said co-chairman D Ramchandram. “It is our endeavour to revive its past glory,” he said.

The idea is to preserve cultural heritage as Limericks have a rich cultural history, said another clo-chairman Mohan Lal.

The interested participants must give their expression of participation by sharing their Limericks on WhatsApp at 9848042020 or emailing micetourism@ftcci.in at the earliest. The pre-registered participants must come in person and present their limericks in front of a panel of judges.

Top three limerick presenters will get prizes of Rs 7500, 5000, and 2500 each. The next-best five will be consolation prizes.

The participants can write Limericks on any subjects that will interest the people of Hyderabad.

They can be on the twin cities culture, heritage, customs, traditions, cuisine, Information Technology and so on.

Limericks are a unique form of poetry known for their humorous and often whimsical nature. They consist of five lines with a distinct AABBA rhyme scheme, making them both challenging and entertaining to create.

A few Examples of Limericks


Hot Hyderabadis wonder ‘kya khana?’

Cool Secunderabadis ponder ‘kya peena’?

Office goers gobble ‘naram biryani’!

Busy gulp garam ‘chai Irani’!

woh ya yeh achcha ‘kya kehna’!!

Boti Kabab and Double-ka-meetha

Better than Gajar-ka-halwa & Agra-ka-petha

Biryani sublime, Haleem divine

Shorbha supreme, Murgh Saleem

Whatever anyone serves, we can serve better!


You can hear the ‘Yemandi’ in Telugu

And the saying ‘Kya hai miya’ in Urdu

The Gujrati ‘Kemchi’

The Sindhi ‘Vadi Saayi’

The word ‘Cosmopolitan’ is perfectly true.

Limericks are fun with their silly rhymes, punny twists, and hilariously cheeky endings. Let us have some fun