Team Yogi Roadshow, Ru

Team Yogi Roadshow, Runup To $1 Trillion Economy

Investors express willingness to invest in state and partner with govt on development projects

Hyderabad, Jan 20 (The CONNECT) – Team Yogi has drawn an overwhelming response from investors from Hyderabad during its one-to-one meetings held as part of the Uttar Pradesh Government’s campaign to attract investors in the run-up to the Global Investors Summit 2023 and also invite them to the event to be held in Lucknow from February 10 to 12.

The investors were of the opinion that Uttar Pradesh has witnessed very positive changes in the last six years and they were not just keen to invest in the state, but also ready to contribute to making the state a one trillion-dollar economy by partnering with the government, as per the resolve of Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath.

More than two dozen investors attended one-to-one business meetings held ahead of Team Yogi’s fifth domestic roadshow in Hyderabad. The team was headed by Deputy CM Brajesh Pathak, while Women Welfare Minister Baby Rani Maurya, Minister of State for Environment Arun Kumar Saxena and Ayush Minister Daya Shankar Mishra were present with him.

Mukesh Kumar Singh, Chief Financial Officer, AIG Hospitals, said: “Uttar Pradesh is the largest state in the country with a population of 24 crores. We are very excited that the progress made by the state in the last six years under the leadership of CM Yogi has worked to improve the image of the state- be it expressway, airport or road connectivity. The law and order of the state has also improved a lot. As of now, we are not only eager to invest in UP, but also wish to be a partner in the progress of the state.”

Dr Srinibabu Gadela, CEO of Pulses Group, said that under the guidance of CM Yogi, the state has made tremendous progress in the field of healthcare and agriculture. Expressing his excitement over the development of UP, he said, “We are witnessing the growth and are now ready to be a part of it. CM Yogi himself has conveyed this message tyo us that our investment is safe in Uttar Pradesh. We hope that we will work in Uttar Pradesh for a long time and take Uttar Pradesh forward along with us.”

Instashield India Pvt. Ltd. Founder Directors CS Jadhav and Hitesh M Patel said that the way the Uttar Pradesh government was promoting innovative ideas encouraged them to invest in the state. “Impressed by the government’s start-up policy and ease of starting business, we are keen to set up our unit in UP. The facilities and reliefs that the government has decided to provide are very much liked by the investors. Certainly, UP will become a hub of innovative ideas and products in the coming times”, he said.

NSL Group Chairman M Prabhakar Rao described Uttar Pradesh as a very important state in terms of agriculture. “We are working there for the last ten years and have watched the state develop under the leadership of CM Yogi. The Government has provided an excellent environment for investment. Investors, who are already there, are now thinking in terms of expanding their businesses. We also have a setup in Noida and the way the government has controlled the law-and-order situation in this area is really commendable. This has brought a lot of relief to the IT companies operating there”, Rao remarked.

Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd. Director B Srinivas Reddy said: “We are happy that Uttar Pradesh is progressing. We are also willing to contribute our bit in its progress. The fear-free environment that CM Yogi Adityanath has given to the investors in the last 5-6 years has provided them a big relief. The infrastructure of the state has improved along with connectivity.  So, we are very excited about investment in the state.”

Similarly, Vivek Subramaniam, co-founder of Fourth Partner Energy, said that Uttar Pradesh has of late emerged “as a better venue for investment”, adding that he hoped that the possibilities for investors expanded in every sector in the state.

CVK Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Chairman KC Venkateswarlu described Uttar Pradesh as “a state of hopes”. He said that the steps taken by the Uttar Pradesh government and Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in the last 5 years were really commendable.

“In the current scenario, we feel that the cities of UP have immense potential, whether it is Noida, Greater Noida, Ghaziabad, Lucknow or any other city. The way these cities have developed is encouraging. We are looking for opportunities in IT sector. Investors like us are also going to be greatly benefited by the policy reforms made by the government for the investors,” Venkateswarlu said.