Affordable Solution To Small Businesses

Tools like Hylyt brings all under one umbrella and paves the way to managing data as an organizational asset, said Ravi Nandan Sinha, Director – MSME Business Forum India

NEW DELHI, Feb 18 (The CONNECT) – HyLyt, a technology based unified information management and collaboration platform, has tied up with MSME Business Forum to empower the medium, small and micro businesses through tech empowerment and help them maintain data security and full privacy in their small businesses.

HyLyt, the fully home grown ‘Made in India’ app aims to provide an affordable solution to the small businesses so that they can stay in control of data and build up the narrative towards ‘Atmanirbhar Bharat’.

Commenting on this launch, Ravi Nandan Sinha, Director – MSME Business Forum India said, “In most organizations today, data and other information are managed in isolated silos by independent teams using various data management tools. Tools like Hylyt brings all under one umbrella and paves the way to managing data as an organizational asset.”

Innovative technologies are a vital tool for MSMEs to bring efficiencies and a higher degree of standardization, he said and remarked: “ We feel this collaboration will help Indian MSMEs to a large extent.”

“In this era of the gig economy, sometimes projects require the creation of teams consisting of freelancers or people not working in the same organization or even the same country. Digital collaboration tools become vital for these applications thus enabling remote working and cost cutting,” he added.

Access to technology and transforming business to efficient units of operation is the only way to success in the coming time. HyLyt is a unique technology that works on top of multiple apps and data silos to converse and collaborate which will help the small businesses to control the teams and enhance productivity. The app helps to prevent data leakages and get a 360 view of all information that matters at one place.

Rajat Singhania, Founder of HyLyt by SocioRAC said, “I strongly believe that Indian MSMEs need more technology intervention to make them efficient and sustain against the competition. HyLyt is an endeavor to support these businesses through their entire lifecycle and adapt to the changing style of business environment.”

The app is a smart product that is designed to provide optimal performance on one hand and is versatile and organization friendly on the other. The app can be customized for users, organization and entire stakeholder of the businesses, thus making them self-sufficient and less dependent on manpower.

Along with ensuring data safety and compatibility performance, HyLyt can also interconnect and interact with data across all formats of data from all other platforms and helps in extracting the right information seamlessly, based on tags. Thus it helps small business to save on time and also share relevant information without time loss.