NASSCOM Proud To Be Founding Partner

IIT-H is neither government nor private, it’s truly public institute, says institute goerning council member.

HYDERABAD, July 15 (The CONNECT) IIITH, celebrating its silver jubilee, has emerged as a jewel in Telangana’s crows!

Jayesh Ranjan, State Principal Secretary for IT, said the State Government is also immensely benefited from IIIT Hyderabad. “It is a jewel in our crown,” he said speaking at the Founders’ Day event here on Friday.

He asked for three things from IIITH.  ​Leverage your​ quality education for the benefit of 256 engineering and other colleges in the state; to work with Government ​on ​societal problems and solutions and to ​make the excellency of the faculty available to other colleges, industry and society at large. 

NASSCOM president Debjani ​Ghosh who joined virtually said IIIT Hyderabad is the only institution where Nasscom is a founding partner and “we are very proud of this association, this partnership and the journey that we have been on together”.

“The vision was to build a dedicated institute that would focus on technology learning and research with very strong industry partnerships. The pedagogy was designed to prepare students with experiential learning and entrepreneurship approach. Overall I think the lack of legacy combined with the innovative governance model that was available in the PPP model tremendously helped us,” Ghosh said.

Chairman of IIITH’s governing council Prof Raj Reddy said the institute is known for project-oriented learning, learning by doing.  This is going to be the centre of learning in future.  The future of education is going to be the Waterloo Model. This model allows partly to study and partly to work, he said.

Governing Council member Srini Raju said IITH is truly a public institute. it is neither the government nor the private institute, he said. Its education model had a ripple effect and a lot of ​institutions have come up ​ with this model.