Contribute To Peace, Prosperity & Progress Says Special Secy

Telangana has done well in the last eight years due to inclusive policies, Dr. Rajat Kumar, Special Chief Secretary, said

HYDERABAD, Mar 4 (The CONNECT) – Telangana has done well in the last eight years due to inclusive policies of the government that contributed to the peace of the state, prosperity and progress, according to Dr. Rajat Kumar, Special Chief Secretary, Irrigation & Command Area Development.

Speaking at the CEO forum organised by the Federation of Telangana Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FTCCI) on Wednesday night, Kumar said it is only natural that the cost of doing business will certainly increase with increasing prosperity and the only way to counter it is to match it with higher production.

Trade, Geography and Institution are the three deep drivers of development. And economists always ask what leads to growth. The basic causes of economic development are these, he added.

To have peace, prosperity and progress, economic development, he said, inclusive growth and adaptation to new technology are the key.

Anjani Kumar, IPS, Telangana Director General of Police referred to the CEO Forum’s theme “Peace, Prosperity, Progress in Business Arena” and said the first letter that is common in all three words of the theme for evening interaction is “P” and I wondered while entering this hall whether they were possible without the fourth “P” the police.

Over 70 years after Independence, India stands tall with its head high, because of economic growth. It is this economic growth that is the foundation for peace. Whether peace or war, economic development matters, the top cop pointed.

Welcoming the gathering Anil Agarwal, President of FTCCI said, Peace, Prosperity and Progress are the three pillars of development for the growth of society, state and country. Peace is the foundation for prosperity and progress. And there is no peace without prosperity. Prosperity fulfils the needs of citizens.

Presenting the theme address, Bhaskar Reddy, Convenor of the FTCCI CEO Forum, said the interactive meeting was curated to learn and share knowledge, and wisdom from a well-learned and eminent panel of speakers.