PM Sets 5-Point Agenda Including POA For SDG


From Global Village to Global Family, the world is moving towards a new reality, PM Modi said.

NEW DELBHI, Sep 10 (The CONNECT) – India has called upon the G20 nations to pledge for a five-point agenda comprising Green Development Pact, Action Plan on SDGs, High level Principles on Anti-corruption, Digital Public Infrastructure, and MDB (multilateral development bank) Reforms to fruition.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi set out the plan of action in motion today in his concluding day remarks at the G20 Summit.

A strong framework for Digital Public Infrastructure has been agreed upon under India’s chairmanship. Similarly, “G20 Principles on Harnessing Data for Development” have also been accepted, he said.
Modi disclosed that It has also been decided to launch “Data for Development Capacity Building Initiative” for the development of Global South. Formation of Startup 20 engagement group during the Presidency of India is also a big step, he said.

Yesterday, he said, the G20 leaders had extensive discussions in the One Earth and One Family sessions. “I am satisfied that today the G-20 has become a platform for optimistic efforts regarding the vision of One Earth, One Family, One Future,” Modi said.
“We are currently discussing a future where we transcend the concept of Global Village and witness the Global Family becoming a reality. It’s a future where not only the interests of countries are intertwined, but also where hearts are interconnected,” He said.
Stating that he has continuously drawn the G20’s attention to Human Centric Vision instead of GDP Centric Approach, PM Modi said “Today many countries like India have so much that we are sharing with the whole world”.
India has talked about sharing the data of Chandrayaan Mission with everyone in the interest of humanity. This is also a proof of the nation’s commitment towards Human Centric Growth, he said.
Referring to the formation of the United Nations, Modi said It is a law of nature that individuals and organizations that fail to adapt to changing times inevitably lose their relevance. “We must think with an open mind as to what is the reason that many regional forums have come into existence in the past years, and they are also proving to be effective,” he said.
Today, it is necessary for every global organization to reform to increase its relevance. “With this in mind, yesterday we have taken the historic initiative of making the African Union a permanent member of the G-20. Similarly, we will also have to expand the mandate of Multilateral Development Banks. Our decisions in this direction should be immediate and also effective.
In a world marked by rapid change, we require not only transformation but also sustainability and stability,” Modi said.