JCPenney India has achieved a significant milestone by earning the industry-recognized Great Place to Work ™ certification, acknowledging the companys unwavering commitment to fostering a positive workplace culture that prioritizes associate well-being and growth.


JCPenney India is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of its associates and their families


Based on an anonymous survey of JCPenney India’s associates that assesses various aspects of the workplace, including trust, respect, fairness, camaraderie, and more, this prestigious certification is a testament to the companys efforts to build a culture that supports and values its associates.


At JCPenney India, we take pride in our associates wellness, support, and care. Our focus on associate well-being is a top priority, and we are committed to enhancing the way we recognize and reward our associates, making every leader approachable, and building an inclusive environment for all,” said Tushna Siganporia, HR Director at JCPenney India.


With over 700 associates on board, JCPenney India has implemented several programs and initiatives to support their well-being and growth. These include:


  • The Women’s Initiative Networking Group for Success (WINGS), a community for women associates to connect, learn, and network. The Circles Program, created in partnership with the LeanIn Organization, is one of the many ways in which JCPenney India works towards empowering its women associates.
  • The ‘BEAT’ (Bengaluru Engagement Action Team) CSR, which brings to life JCPenney India’s philanthropy goals by collaborating with a chosen NGO partner to engage associates in social activities that give back to the community in meaningful ways.
  • JCPenney India’s benefits, which don’t just cover the holistic wellness of its associates but also provide the same for their families.


JCPenney India is dedicated to supporting the health and well-being of its associates and their families. The company partnered with Ekincare to provide comprehensive health benefits, including mental health support, a range of health and wellness support for associates and their families, and on-site medical care. In addition, JCPenney India offers a range of programs for women, parents, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community, such as adoption assistance, daycare benefits, and designated parental leaves.


JCPenney Indias vibrant and healthy work environment is mirrored in its interiors, which are designed to promote productivity and collaboration. The company exercises the Golden Rule that JCPenney was built on: “treat others as we’d like to be treated.” As a result, JCPenney India has obtained an award true to its working culture, just like its dedicated consumer culture.


It is also worth noting that the interior infrastructure at JCPenney’s Bangalore office is LEED Platinum-rated, to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all. JCPenney India is also one of only three organizations in India to be ISO and ISI certified – a testament to its commitment to quality and excellence.


JCPenney India is proud to receive the Great Place to Work‘ certification and will continue to prioritize associate well-being and growth.


About JCPenney

We are JCPenney Services India. Together, our purpose is to celebrate and serve diverse, working American families. We proudly serve customers at more than 650 stores across the United States and Puerto Rico, and the Company’s flagship store, We’re one of the nation’s largest retailers of apparel, home, jewelry, and beauty merchandise with a growing portfolio of private and national brands. Guided by the Golden Rule, we’re committed to building strong, inclusive teams that come together to serve JCPenney’s purpose. Our office in Bangalore, India opened in 2016; and since then, we’ve grown to over 700 employees. Our center provides critical business functions, including technology, e-commerce operations, retail operations, merchandising and other capabilities. We’re not just an alternative location but critical to JCPenney’s long-term strategy.