Uttar Pradesh Legislature is being recognised for its constructive discussions in the last 5-6 years, said CM Yogi

LUCKNOW, Feb 2 (The COINNECT) – UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath appealed to all opposition members to think above party politics and engage in constructive discussions in the House for the development of the state.

Yogi noted that the positive image cultivated about the state, both nationally and globally, would be advantageous for opposition parties as well. He urged them to actively participate in constructive discussions.

“I extend my heartfelt congratulations to everyone on the successful completion of the grand consecration ceremony of Lord Shri Ram in Ayodhya. Today marks the beginning of the session of the Uttar Pradesh Legislature for the year 2024, and I extend a heartfelt welcome to all honourable members on this auspicious occasion,” he said.

Speaking on the opening day of the State Legislative Assembly’s budget  session, Yogi mentioned that the session would commence with the address by the Honourable Governor. The Governor’s speech is an important document highlighting the achievements of the government and the upcoming plans. The first session of any year begins with the Governor’s address in the Legislature.

The Chief Minister said that as this is a budget session, the budget for the fiscal year 2024-25 will be presented in the Uttar Pradesh Legislature and the income and expenditure for the year will be discussed in the House.

“Before the commencement of the session, meetings were held with party leaders and, preceding that, with the Business Advisory Committee to finalize the agenda. The government has made full preparations based on the action plans decided in these meetings,” he said.

Highlighting the significance of the Uttar Pradesh Legislature, CM Yogi said it represents the hopes, aspirations, and expectations of 25 crore people. He expressed satisfaction that the Uttar Pradesh Legislature is being recognized as an important pillar of democracy for its positive discussions in the last 5-6 years.

He outlined that the session would involve discussions on the Governor’s speech, with the government providing responses. During the discussion of the budget, members will get an opportunity to express their opinions on important issues and budgetary demands. They will also get an opportunity to put before the House important issues related to their respective assembly constituencies or the development of the state.

“In the meetings with party leaders, we have made it clear that the government is ready to discuss every issue that becomes a part of the Legislature’s proceedings. We are fully prepared to present accurate and factual information related to these issues in the House and keep the honourable members informed”, Yogi said.

He appealed to everyone to carry forward the proceedings of the Uttar Pradesh Legislature in a smooth and orderly manner. He also expressed the expectation of their positive contribution in effectively carrying forward the proceedings of the session in accordance with the values and ideals of democracy.