Also, A Measure Of The Progress Of Civilizations


President Murmu said libraries have been considered a symbol of the collective consciousness and intellect.

NEW DELHI, Aug 5 (The CONNECT) – President Droupadi Murmu today described libraries act as a bridge between civilizations.

“In ancient and medieval periods, people of many countries carried books from India, translated those and gained knowledge. At the heart of such efforts is the thought that books and libraries are the common heritage of humanity,” Murmu said inaugurating the ‘Festival of Libraries’ in New Delhi.

She said the development of libraries is correlated to the development of society and culture. It is also a measure of the progress of civilizations. She stated that history is full of such references in which the invaders considered it necessary to destroy the libraries. This shows that libraries have been considered a symbol of the collective consciousness and intellect of a country or society.

The festival has been organized by the Ministry of Culture with the aim to promote the development and digitization of Libraries and cultivate the culture of reading.

The President said that a small book has the potential to change the course of world history. She referred to Gandhiji’s autobiography, where he has mentioned about the great positive impact of John Ruskin’s book ‘Unto This Last’ on his life. She said that books contain in them the fragrance of the land and the vastness of the sky.

Minister of State for Culture and External Affairs Meenakashi Lekhi spoke about the government’s commitment to reach every corner of the country, furthering the Prime Minister’s vision for library development and encouraging a culture of reading.

“The ‘Festival of Libraries 2023’ plays a pivotal role in this mission, fostering inclusivity and ensuring access to information for all citizens. By celebrating the diversity of knowledge and encouraging reading habits, the festival paves the way for a more informed and empowered society, nurturing a thirst for learning and inspiring progress across the country,” she added