The brand is re-defining the concept of co-living by offering a state-of-the art experience that marries comfort and convenience

MUMBAI, May 20 (The CONNECT) – Targeting to provide community-driven hassle-free state-of-the-art living experience to working professionals and students in a modern purpose-built accommodation, The Livlit has acquired new properties in Prabhadeviand Kharghar in Mumbai region.

The LiviLit, the newest entrant in Mumbai’s burgeoning co-living space, currently offers more than 400 beds with three properties in Fort, Ballard Estate, and Upper Juhu, catering to the accommodation needs of students and working professionals.

Mayank Bajaj, Founder, The Livlit, said that the brand is re-defining the concept of co-living by offering a state-of-the art experience that marries comfort and convenience.

Anyone looking for a space to stay in a modern environment, can book a bed through the company’s website just at the click of a button. The Livlit’s all-inclusive pricing model covers essential amenities such as electricity, WiFi, laundry, breakfast, housekeeping, and maintenance, ensuring residents enjoy a comfortable and convenient stay for a minimum of one-month.

“We are creating a paradigm shift in the way co-living was seen all these years. The Livlit offers an unmatched experience through its professionally managed spaces with facilities like swimming pool, gym, library, clubhouse, unlimited laundry and electricity. All these conveniences under the comfort of one roof, will ensure that occupants, both male and female, get an experience that is a rarity in the industry,” Bajaj said.

The property in Kharghar spans across seven floors and 12,000 square feet while the one in Prabhadevi is over 25,000 square feet. Both the properties will feature all modern facilities including gym, cafeteria, outdoor theatre, and clubhouse, apart from 100 beds each.

Udhav Mansinghka, Co-Founder, The Livlit, the company is actively exploring opportunities in other micro markets across Mumbai.

Since its inception in 2021, the start-up has experienced remarkable progress, starting with a modest 22-bed property and achieving a current annual turnover of INR 4 crores. With the upcoming expansion, The Livlit projects a turnover upwards of INR 10 crores by March 2025