30,000 Youth Groups To Celebrate PM’s Radio Talk

The Ministry of Tourism will celebrate the 100th Episode of ‘Mann ki Baat’ with 100 days of action .

NEW DELHI, Apr 29 (The CONNECT) – The Ministry of Tourism will celebrate the 100th Episode of ‘Mann ki Baat’ to be aired tomorrow through its Yuva Tourism Clubs. Tourism has been mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi from  time to time in ‘Mann ki Baat’.

In order to initiate a celebration of the 100th Episode of Mann ki Baat, Ministry of Tourism proposes to undertake a special initiative of  “100 Episodes of Mann ki Baat – 100 days of Action” through the Yuva Tourism Clubs. 
The Ministry of Tourism has constituted  30,000 Yuva Tourism Clubs till date in schools, colleges,  Indian Hotel Management (IHM) institutions. The vision of Yuva Tourism Club is to nurture and develop young ambassadors of Indian tourism who would become aware of tourism possibilities in India, appreciate our rich cultural heritage and develop an interest and passion for tourism. These young ambassadors would be catalysts for promoting tourism in India. Ministry of Tourism proposes to organize several initiatives and activities through the Yuva Tourism Clubs, as the students of today would be the entrepreneurs and citizens of tomorrow.

Some of the activities to celebrate 100th episode of Mann ki Baat would include  live event through Video Conferencing with Yuva Tourism Clubs on spreading the message of Life Mission of Hon’ble Prime Minister, initiation of a  Design challenge for entrepreneurs across India for developing substitutes of single use plastic items used while travelling, visit of  Yuva Tourism Clubs in coastal areas to  71 Light Houses,  mentioned by  Prime Minister in his Mann ki Baat episode of March 2021, amongst many other initiatives.
The Prime Minister has mentioned in Mann ki Baat  from time to time about sustainability. To make future Hotel and Tourism Managers aware about sustainability, all IHMs will conduct a design challenge for designing substitutes of items of cutlery and crockery made of  single use plastic.

The Ministry also proposes to increase number of Yuva Tourism Clubs to 50,000, in the next 100 days, starting from May 1. In order to further take forward sustainability activities, all IHMs  would incorporate climate resilience in their buildings for which Ministry of Tourism will coordinate with Ministry of Renewable Energy for Rooftop Solar Panels, Ministry of Water Resources for Rain Water Harvesting, etc  and other such interventions. 
Yuva Tourism Clubs would also enable learners to appreciate the importance of travel and tourism, ignite a passion for tourism and its value in learners, sensitize learners to various elements of travel, encourage, teach and propagate responsible tourism practices, improve physical & mental health through exploratory, adventure and sports tourism and spread awareness about tourism opportunities at an early stage and encourage learners to be skilled professionals and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and tourism sector.