PM Continues to Blast the 10-year Past, says his govt giving more jobs

NEW DELHI, Feb 12 (The CONNECT) – Harping on what the governments of ten years failed to do, Prime Minister Narendra today said his government, in the last 10 years, has handed out jobs to the youth 1.5 times more than the previous ones.

With a speech akin to his election campaign speech, Modi, who distributed over one lakh appointment letters to newly inducted employees via video conferencing and said “the campaign to provide job opportunities to the youth in the Government of India is continuing in full swing”.

The Prime Minister highlighted the role of government personnel in the journey of Viksit Bharat. “More than 1 lakh Karmyogis that are joining today, will give this journey a new energy and speed”, said the Prime Minister.

Pointing out that the long time spent between the job notification and handing out appointment letters led to an increase in bribery, the Prime Minister stated that the present government has made the entire process “transparent” while also completing the recruitment process under the stipulated time.

Modi said that it has led to equal opportunities for every youth in showcasing their capabilities. “Today, every youth believes that they can cement their job position with hard work and skills”, he said, highlighting that the government strives to make the youth a partner in the development of the nation.

The Prime Minister mentioned the Budget announcement about one crore rooftop solar plants which will reduce the power bill of the families and they will be able to earn money by supplying power to the grid. This scheme will create lakhs of new jobs also, he said.

Mentioning that India is the third largest startup ecosystem in the world with about 1.25 lakh startups, PM Modi expressed happiness that many of these startups are from tier 2 or tier 3 cities.

As these startups are creating new job opportunities, the latest budget announced the continuation of the tax rebate for the startups. The Prime Minister also mentioned the one lakh crore fund that has been announced in the Budget for promoting research and innovation.

Informing that recruitment in Railway is also taking place today through the Rozgar Mela, the Prime Minister highlighted that Railway is the first choice of the common people when it comes to traveling.

He recalled that not much attention was paid to the Railway before 2014 and mentioned the electrification and doubling of rail lines as well as flagging off new trains and increasing facilities for the passengers. But after 2014, the Prime Minister informed that a campaign to reinvent the entire train travel experience was initiated with a focus on modernization and upgradation of railways.

He informed that 40,000 modern bogies like Vande Bharat Express will be prepared and added to normal trains under this year’s Budget, thereby increasing convenience and comfort for passengers.

Highlighting the far-reaching impact of connectivity, the Prime Minister mentioned new markets, expansion of tourism, new businesses and the creation of lakhs of jobs due to improved connectivity.

“Investment in infrastructure is being ramped up to accelerate development”, the Prime Minister said as 11 lakh crore rupees have been marked for investment in infrastructure in the recent Budget. New rail, road, airports, and waterways projects will create new job opportunities, he said.

Noting that many of the new appointments are in paramilitary forces, the Prime Minister dwelled on the reforms in the selection process for paramilitary forces and informed that from this January examination will be conducted in 13 Indian languages apart from Hindi and English.

This will give everyone equal opportunity to lakhs of candidates. He also informed about the increase in the quota for border and extremism-affected districts.