Salutes Army’s Tradition Of Sacrifice


The border areas being safeguarded by the security forces are no less than any temple, PM Modi said.

LEPCHA, Himachal Pradesh, Nov 12 (the CONNECT) – Prime Minister Narendra Modi today likened the border areas being safeguarded by the Indian Army to temples, the abodes of Lord Sri Ram.



Addressing the jawans at this border post, Modi said अवध तहाँ जहं राम निवासू! meaning where there is Ram, there is Ayodhya. The places where the security forces are posted are no less than any temple, he said. “And these are the places where I would always love to celebrate the festivals,” Modi said.

He has been visiting the border areas to celebrate Diwali for the past over 35 years even when he was neither the CM (of Gujarat) nor the PM, he said.

The Prime Minister remarked that the amalgamation of the festival of Diwali and the echoes of acclamation of the courage of the jawans is a moment of enlightenment for every citizen of the country.

Recounting his experience, the Prime Minister said that festivities are wherever the family is there and called the situation of being away from family on the day of the festival for safeguarding the border pinnacle of devotion to duty. He said that the feeling of treating 140 crore Indians as their family gives the security personnel a sense of purpose.



Modi paid tribute to the jawans and the tradition of sacrifice by the armed forces. “Our brave jawans have proven themselves to be the strongest wall on the border”, he said. “Our brave jawans have always won the hearts of the citizens by snatching victory from the jaws of defeat.”