Ginger Garlic Paste Unchanged Amidst Volatile Market

Mother’s Recipe works closely with its suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of ginger, even during difficult times, says company ED Sanjana Desai.

MUMBAI, July 13 (The CONNECT) – Mother’s Recipe has taken steps to ensure that its Ginger Garlic Paste price remains unchanged despite the volatile ginger price, the brand said.

The company said it understands the financial challenges faced by consumers and remains committed to providing affordable and high-quality products. Mother’s Recipe Ginger Garlic Pastes made without any preservatives are the better choice this season.

At 1.9 tonne consumption, India remains the largest ginger-consuming country worldwide. The retail price of ginger has increased from about ₹100 a kilogram to ₹250 in a week. Adverse weather conditions, last season’s low prices, and less sowing this season & hence low supplies have affected the ginger crop, leading to higher prices.

Sanjana Desai, Executive Director, Mother’s Recipe expressed her satisfaction with the company’s ability to maintain affordable prices for Ginger Garlic paste during the current ginger & garlic price hike.  

One of the main reasons behind Mother’s Recipe’s ability to maintain stable prices is its strong relationships with suppliers. The company works closely with its suppliers to ensure a consistent supply of ginger, even during difficult times. This helps in minimizing the impact of price fluctuations and allows Mother’s Recipe to offer its Ginger Garlic Paste at consistent prices.

“At Mother’s Recipe, our teams are working hard to provide Ginger Garlic Paste in 200gm pouch & 300 gm tubs to customers without any price hike,” Desai said.

Efficient supply chain management is another factor contributing to Mother’s Recipe’s price stability. The company has optimized its distribution network and logistics infrastructure, allowing for timely procurement and delivery.  Transparency is also a key value for Mother’s Recipe. The company believes in keeping its customers well-informed about market conditions and the measures it takes to shield them from price hikes. By maintaining open communication, Mother’s Recipe aims to build trust with its customers and ensure they understand the efforts made to keep prices stable.

Mother’s Recipe Ginger Garlic Paste 200g still at an affordable MRP of Rs. 50. As the monsoon season continues, the company assures its customers that it will closely monitor market conditions and take necessary steps to ensure the accessibility and affordability of its products.