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Mumbai, B’lore Airports Flying High

MUMBAI, Jan 12 (The CONNECT)Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) has set new standards this holiday season, while Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru (BLR Airport) has seen a notable growth in passenger numbers in CY 2023.

Showcasing a remarkable 112% recovery in December, CSMIA surpasses the passenger traffic compared to the pre-pandemic levels of December 2019 (4.37 Mn). The airport witnessed its highest-ever monthly traffic of 4.88 million passengers travelling through CSMIA with a growth of almost 13% as compared to December 2022 (4.33 Mn). CSMIA’s consistent expansion to newer destinations, along with exemplary services and hospitality, stands as a testament to the growing passenger trust in the airport.

The highest passenger traffic movement in a single day for the month was observed on 16th of December with 165,258 passengers travelling through CSMIA – with 841,66 arrivals 81,092 departures. The month observed a total of 28,462 ATMs with 7,287 International ATMs and 21,175 on routes.

In December 2023, CSMIA’s passenger distribution showcased a dominant 47% from the Middle East, followed by 28% from the Asia Pacific region and 15% from Europe. Delhi, Bangalore, and Goa ranked the top 3 domestic destinations for CSMIA, while Dubai, London, and Abu Dhabi continued to be the preferred international choices. Notably, on the bustling Mumbai – Delhi route alone, CSMIA recorded a substantial traffic of 622,424 passengers. Among airlines, IndiGo, Air India and Vistara were leading in the domestic as well as the international routes.

BLR Airport served a total of 37.2 million passengers, marking a 35.3% increase compared to CY 2022. Additionally, BLR Airport continues to maintain its standing as a reliable hub for handling Perishable (PER) cargo in India for the third consecutive year, emphasising its commitment to seamless cargo operations.

The Airport enjoyed a significant passenger rebound in 2023, welcoming a total of 37.2 million travellers, of which, 32.7 million were domestic passengers and 4.5 million travelled to international destinations. On April 29, 2023, the Airport recorded the highest number of passengers in a single day for CY2023 at 116,688 passengers. This figure exceeded pre-pandemic levels and highlights the airport’s resilience and adaptability.

In 2023, factors such as reduced travel limitations, improved economic conditions, and increased demand for leisure and business travel led to a notable rise in growth numbers. The highest number of air traffic movements (ATMs) was witnessed on March 17, 2023, reaching an impressive 748 ATMs in a single day. It is a notable recovery, considering that the highest ATMs on any single day in CY 2022 was 693. Domestic ATMs last year saw a substantial 22% recovery, while international ATMs showed a 15% increase. These indicators reflect the positive momentum in the aviation sector, demonstrating the gradual return to pre-pandemic level travel patterns.

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