Rooftop Panels At Vivekanand Education Society

VES is implementing energy-efficient lighting systems, rainwater harvesting systems, water efficient fixtures

MUMBAI, June 29 (The CONNECT) – The Vivekanand Education Society VES, has announced its ambitious initiative to transform the campus to 100% rooftop solar power generation and adopt several sustainable practices towards a green campus.

As part of the Green Campus initiative, VES is implementing energy-efficient lighting systems throughout its facilities, rainwater harvesting systems, water efficient fixtures and other environmentally friendly practices.

The campus shall eliminate all avoidable single-use plastics by this time next year. Furthermore, the campus has planned 1200 native species for creating a Miyawaki forest in the campus playground and intends to continue in other campus playgrounds in Kurla and Chembur.

VES College of Architecture (VESCOA) as one of the departments has also drafted a manual, explaining the importance of sustainable living among young people & how small changes to their daily routine can positively impact the planet. 

“At VES, we believe in leading by example. We are taking a significant step towards a sustainable future by transforming our campus into a 100% roof top solar powered. Our solar initiative will provide invaluable educational opportunities for our students to witness the practical implementation of sustainable design principles. We aim to instil in our students the importance of incorporating eco-friendly practices and empower them to impact the Earth positively.” said Dr. Anand Achari, Principal of VESCOA.

With a strong emphasis on energy efficiency and eco-friendly practices, VES College of Architecture (VESCOA) has long been at the forefront of promoting sustainable design principles among its students and faculty. VESCOA plans to get campus 2, HAMC, Collectors colony as GREEN CAMPUS CERTIFIED.