Concern Over Action Against Canadian Diplomats

Resolving differences requires diplomats on the ground, says a US State Dept official

WASHINGTON, Oct 21 (The CONNECT) – Pointing out that resolving differences requires diplomats on the ground, the US has expressed its concern over the Indian Government’s decision to reduce the Canadian diplomatic presence in New Delhi.

“We are concerned by the departure of Canadian diplomats from India, in response to the Indian government’s demand of Canada to significantly reduce its diplomatic presence in India,” Matthew Miller, State Department Spokesperson, said

“Resolving differences requires diplomats on the ground,” Miller said.

“We have urged the Indian government not to insist upon a reduction in Canada’s diplomatic presence and to cooperate in the ongoing Canadian investigation,” he said.

“We expect India to uphold its obligations under the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, including with respect to privileges and immunities enjoyed by accredited members of Canada’s diplomatic mission,” Miller added.