Launches 3-Phase Modular UPS Keor XPE

Satpal Singh, CEO of Numeric, said Keor XPE offers significant energy saving and reduced carbon footprint

MUMBAI, Apr 14 (The CONNECT) -Uninterruptible power supply equipment major Numeric, has announced the launch of ‘Keor XPE’, 3 Phase modular UPS that is designed to meet the changing business demands of data centres and mission critical applications.

Data centre industry is witnessing a strong growth, and approximately over 1.0 GW capacity are in various stages of construction across the country, and this is expected to begin its operations over the next 4-5 years, says a Cushman&Wakefield study.

Satpal Singh, CEO of Numeric, said the company’s UPS has already gained a strong foothold in the 3-phase segment and this new product will further augment the product offer in the modular segment.  With sustainability at the core of its design objectives, Keor XPE is PEP certified and offers significant energy saving and reduced carbon footprint, he said.

Keor XPE is a modular, scalable, flexible, configurable high-power UPS with power rating of 500 kW – 2.1 MW, designed to address the challenging needs of the modern data centre.  The scalability of Keor XPE up to 2.1 MW with maximum of 7 power units (250 / 300 kW) allows to meet the growing demands to scale up as per the business requirement.

An added advantage of the UPS is its flexible layout which suits different architectural layout to position Keor XPE either in line, back to back, L shape or U shape. This offers considerable saving in the real estate cost.

Data centres cannot afford any downtime in its operations which results in huge business losses. Keor XPE offers hot serviceability of each component where the power units can be serviced, connected or replaced while the rest of the system continues to work in protecting the critical load.  It comes with an Intuitive 10” touch screen with a single centralized display to monitor the overall system and single power unit. Keor XPE is also Lithium ion compatible.