Every Curtain, Like Home, Tells A Story Every Curtain, Like Home, Tells A Story


Essential part of home décor now, curtain industry is valued at over Rs 20,000 crore in India, says Ankit Goyal of Décor World.

HYDERABAD, Apr 13 (The CONNECT) – Curtains up for a curtain story!

Not just each home, each curtain ahs a story. Curtains are the new status symbol as well.

Making these points, renowned furnishing expert Ankit Goyal says more and more people are spending a lot of money on curtains. People are  allocating special budgets for curtains. A 3BHK flat owner of about 2 crore, for example, spends up to Rs 3 lakh on curtains alone, he says.

Even small flat owners take time out to select curtains that will improve their home decor.

The trend has caught on especially after covid as families are looking for spacious houses and preferring villas and farmhouses Every architect in the city has at least one Farm House Project in hand, Goyal explains

Goyal, who has been running Decor World for about a decade, Says the industry is scaling up towards luxury to meet the discerning customers’ demands. His who-is-who clientele include film stars Samantha, Nagarjuna, Naga Chaitanya, Venkatesh and Preetham Reddy.

To avail of Décor World’s experience centre services, a customer has to book a slot along with their architect/ interior designer. Where they can feel, touch, explore, discuss and finalise their selection with lunch. With the help of technology, they can even see how curtains look in their house.

It has hundreds of Designer curtains, theme curtains, poems on curtains, luxury bedroom curtains, expensive curtains, motorised curtains and automation in furnishings.

The home furnishing market is 20,000 crores in India.  And the market in Hyderabad is valued at about 1000 crore and 500 crores in the rest of Telangana.  It is growing at the rate of 25% per annum.

Curtains are now an essential part of home decoration and have become mandatory accessories.

The benefits of curtains are that they increase privacy, regulate sunlight and improve sleep quality, enhance the beauty of the home and set the home ambiance.

Curtain selection has now become an entire family affair. Earlier just women used to choose curtains.

Decor World, Hyderabad.