It’s All About Physical+Digital Society


A corporate executive’s long-drawn-out legal battle never dampened his spirit to dream and achieve big offering digital infrastructure to governments.

The world is now living in two worlds -Physical and the Digital. On the whole, it is  ‘Phygital Society’.

One company that is making fast strides is Amilionn Technologies, a Hyderabad-based leading technology player in eGovernance.

Phygital Governance is not just about digital access to government information or electronic payments, but it is about the change in how citizens relate to governments delivering citizen services, says Harish Amilineni, CEO of Amilionn Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Amilionn Technologies has been working with many States and The Central Government for implementing state wide Digital Initiatives. These initiatives include Transforming Citizen Centric Technologies for Urban Development Departments, Land Registration Departments, Fiber Connectivity, GIS, Digitizing & Document Management Systems etc.

Technology is no longer technical, it is all about the ease, comfort and convenience. E-Governance technology adoption greatly Increases effective functioning of government and greatly reduces dependency on Government officers through automation thus enhancing transparency while delivering services to citizens by various government departments adds Harish Amilineni

Amilionn as part of multi-crore eGovernance Digital initiatives has been working with various state Governments including State of Jharkhand to implement Modernization of Land Registration Records under DLRMP, a Center Government initiative which includes modernizing 260 Land Registration Record Rooms across state.  Amilionn is also working with Arunachal Pradesh state Government to automate the Urban Development Department which includes automating registration of Building Permissions, Deaths & Births, Shops & Establishments, Water Supply, HR, Accounts etc by setting up Centralised Data Centre to support multiple Citizen Interaction Centers spread across the state of Arunachal Pradesh.  Amilionn also implemented DGPS Survey with IGS connectivity with Topographical Survey data details in AutoCAD. Amilionn is currently implementing Fiber connectivity project in the state of Andhra Pradesh, explains Harish Amilineni.

Amilionn is now a name to reckon with in the eGovernance space. Harish’s success and enviable track record did not come easy. He had to endure and fight through lot of problems such as false case, harassment, and blackmailing by malicious partners to re-build another successful company.

A false and fabricated case that was slapped, implicating Teleonto Directors, where Harish too was one of the Directors of the company in the year 2010 never stood in the court of law and lost the case. The case was filed on Teleonto in 2010 by one Sachendra Tummala when Harish was then the director and CEO of this deep-technology Telecom Product company. Harish and Teleonto emerged victorious after a nine-year-long court battle as they were given a clean chit.

Furthermore, the CID report further reaffirmed that “It is unfortunate that the time and efforts of CID are wasted by vested interests”.

The case, hwoever, took a toll on Harish Amilineni and his family, but they emerged victorious and stronger than ever.

Harish Kumar Amilineni, the tough nut CEO says: “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. He is seemingly proud to be a pioneer in the field of eGovernance and emerge as one of the most trusted partners in providing Phygital infrastructure to the government to help them transform.

Companies like Amilionn strive to see the government compete with the private sector in terms of digitization and transformation. Amilionn Technologies strongly believes that eGovernance is more than just government websites and emails, it is about providing the government with the technology to interact with citizens with total transparency and ease. It is also about fostering trust with citizens. Times like these when Covid-19 has confined everyone to their homes and shut economies down, has shown the importance of eGovernance to minimize the disruption in government and civilian activities.

A small country, Estonia, is the most digitised country in the world.  From online voting, their entire governance is digitised long, long ago.

The country even has a provision for e-residency.  With these and many digital initiatives, the tiny nation has been a poster child for the use of technology in matters of public policy. India, the mighty nation, the IT Capital to the world, still has a long way to go before the nation of 133 crore catches up with tiny Northern European nation Estonia but the journey has begun in right earnest shares Harish Amilineni.

Governments have no choice but to go fully digital. It is only through Digital-governance that the country can truly allow citizens to participate in the government decision-making process, Increase efficiency and accountability of the government. It ensures smoother and faster delivery of government services like distributing ID Cards, Citizenship certificates, Issuing clearances to documents etc. The digital initiatives will reduce corruption; make government officials respectful, responsible and dutiful. Governance offers transparency which in turn fosters trust in the government.

Citizens these days look for a seamless experience and not a hassle with technology. Social media and mobile platforms are replacing traditional channels as a means to interact with the government. Apps and SMS enable people to access the services they need in a more convenient and targeted way.

Currently the world is  living in a digital society wherein Social, Digital Governance, Digital Democracy, Digital Lifestyles are new buzz words. In this, every aspect of people lives is being affected by the digitalization, the data: how public communicate and socialize; how people work, learn, stay healthy and participate in politics and the economy. Digitalization promises tremendous benefits; better health, efficient mobility, efficient energy use, and flourishing companies, inform Harish Amilineni.

Further, 92 per cent of the world’s currency is digital. If people are not online they are dead offline. Digital is the future. Phygital is the reality.   The world need the hybrid mix of both physical and digital worlds, adds Harish. And Amilionn Technologies is the proven partner for System Integrator. It has ambitious plans for developing digital infrastructure for governments.

Digital is the future. Phygital is the reality. Citizens should know that post Covid Pandemic, hybrid mix of physical and digital worlds shall imperatively move more towards Digital and away from Physical, adds Harish Amilineni

At the epicenter of this transformation is Amilionn Technologies, a proven partner in Government digitalization and System Integration. Amilionn continues to be pioneer in the field and has ambitious plans to continue developing digital infrastructure for the government.