British MP Hails UP CM For Success On Law & Order Front

UP, once known for  anarchy, corruption and inefficient governance, is now a top investment destination, Yogi biographer Shantanu Gupta tells House of Commons.

LUCKNOW, Oct 2 (The CONNECT) -In an accomplishment for the Yogi government, British MP Virendra Sharma has sent a postcard to Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, congratulating him for the changed perception of Uttar Pradesh.

In the postcard, the British MP wrote, “Honourable Yogi Adityanath, I would like to congratulate you for achieving great successes in UP and bringing peace to the state”.

It is noteworthy that Shantanu Gupta, the biographer of the life of UP’ Chief Minister, was invited to the International Conclave organized at the House of Commons of the British Parliament and was honoured with the Global Gandhi Award 2023.

On this occasion, Shantanu presented his best-selling graphic novel, ‘Ajay to Yogi Adityanath’, as a gift to British MP Virendra Sharma. The graphic novel contains a post card to send a message to UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. British MP Virendra Sharma wrote a message praising the UP’s Chief Minister.

Speaking at the House of Commons, author Shantanu Gupta discussed the developmental journey of Uttar Pradesh. He said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has created ‘Brand India’ across the world,  because of which Indians are given more importance across the world today. ‘Brand UP’ has become a strong brand across India.

Shantanu said that the same Uttar Pradesh, which was once known for  anarchy, corruption and inefficient governance, is now a top investment destination under the Yogi government. In the ranking of ‘Ease of Doing Business’, UP has jumped from 14th place before 2017 to second position.

The author also mentioned that Uttar Pradesh is currently ranked number 1 in the implementation of more than 40 schemes of the Central Government. Today, Uttar Pradesh is known for its achievements such as the Uttar Pradesh Expressway, new airports, 24-hour electricity, and a strong law and order situation.

Shantanu also shared some fascinating conversations between himself and Yogi Adityanath’s father, Anand Singh Bisht. The author told the participants in the British Parliament that during his research for the book, towards the end of his long interview with Anand Ji, Anand Ji revealed that a small blue one-and-a-half-room house in Panchur village was his only possession in life. This was all he could earn in his lifetime from the humble job of a forest guard.

Shantanu mentioned that Anand Ji paused for a while, grabbed his hand, and with great pride, said that his most valuable asset in life is his ‘honest Chief Minister son’. Anand Ji is no longer with us, but the statement “Honest Chief Minister Son” still resonates in Shantanu’s mind, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that this sentiment echoes throughout all 75 districts of Uttar Pradesh today.