…To Improve Tax Collection


Co-founder, Zippr

In the current scenario, degrowth in the GDP and pressure of lower profitability on enterprises are a couple of two important aspects that the government should be addressing in the upcoming budget.

It is imperative to bring in more focus and budget allocation on the digital infrastructure that could help the government in coming out of the fiscal pressure.

Initiatives like Digital Door Numbering, on one side, could assist the government in more revenue generation in terms of tax collection from the unregistered properties, ensure timely emergency services, more efficient management of disasters and pandemics.

On another side, enterprises can also utilize it for better logistics management and efficient distribution network saving on high manpower costs to better their bottom lines.

(Zippr was incepted in 2013 as a mobile app for consumers to create a personal location codes, personalize them as desired, and share with friends and family. Gradually, Zippr understood that any solution has to cater to the larger population to create the desired socio-economic impact at an infrastructure level and planned to expand its horizon by tapping the business groups and Government Authorities that need to address accuracy to amplify their service delivery.)