81.5% Of Broad Gauge Network Electrified

The Railway Ministry tweeted: “Marching Towards Mission 100% Electrification

NEW DELHI, Oct 14 (The CONNECT) – Indian Railways has embarked upon an ambition plan of electrification of its complete Broad Gauge network targeting at improved fuel energy usage resulting in increased throughput, reduced fuel expenditure but also savings in precious foreign exchange.

The Railway Minister tweeted: “Marching Towards Mission 100% Electrification: Striving to become a Net Zero Carbon Emitter by 2030.

During the FY 2022-23, till September 2022, Indian Railways has achieved 851 Route Kilometers (RKMs) as compared to 562 RKMs during the corresponding period of FY 2021-22. It is 51.4% more than the previous year figures of the corresponding period. The target set for electrification during this Financial Year is 6500 RKMs.

Indian Railways has achieved a record electrification of 6,366 RKMs was during 2021-22. Earlier, highest electrification was 6,015 RKM during 2020-21.

As on September 30, out of 65,141 RKM of BG network of IR (including KRCL), 53,098 BG RKM have been electrified, which is 81.51% of the total BG network.