HYDERABAD, Jan 9 (The CONNECT) – India and the EU should resume negotiations on free trade and investment protection, former Belgium President Yves Leterme today said.
Speaking at a conclave at Woxsen University here, Leterme said the EU needs natural resources in free market competition. EU and India cooperation can promote Indian unicorns and build more competition in the digital world using cutting-edge technology, he said.
The EU is looking for well-educated, skilled people from good management schools in India, he said.
“The EU, India, and the US are the biggest democracies in the world. The new rising power India is a democracy that protects its values while addressing the global challenges and well-balanced multinational institutions and Sustainable Development Goals agenda and Woxsen is forging a generation of future that holds these principles.”
India and the EU should deepen their cooperation in geopolitical terms as well, Leterme added.
V. Prasad, Co-Chairman & MD, Dr. Reddy’s Labs & Honorary Consul General of Belgium, emphasized, nurtured innovation, entrepreneurship, and research are the key driving forces to meet India’s grand ambition. “ We need cutting-edge research and discipline to move the country forward into the nation’s development,” he said.
Vishal Khurma, CEO, Woxsen University, said the world is transforming faster with new innovations & technologies coming into place. At Woxsen, he aid, “we offer students, avenues for industry exposure and practical learning through high-tech labs and deep lea.”